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   Chapter 425 A Special Place

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Not so long ago, Rocky was just another insignificant breeder in the military camp working for Marin, but now Marin was Rocky's assistant. How the tables had turned in Rocky's favor!

"Let's go," Rocky said in a commanding tone as he took one glance at Marin who was still gripped by confusion. The next moment, he curved up his lips, turned around and left.

Marin then bowed to Lance with respect and followed behind Rocky obediently.

"All commanders, at ease! You can leave now," Lance said as he motioned for them to leave.

And with that signal, all the commanders left the tent.

"Sheehan, it's time to act and take necessary steps as per the plan," Lance said to Sheehan while also addressing members of the Elite Regiment.

Then Sheehan too left followed by other members of the Elite Regiment.

"Father, I fear it is not appropriate to let Rocky command an army of over ten thousand soldiers as he is not ready for the task before him. After all, he doesn't have any experience in leading an army. To entrust him with such a crucial role, without any experience to guide him, seems to be a mistake." Isis expressed her concerns in a worried tone soon after everyone left.

"Commander Marin and Commander Dunn will accompany him every step along the way. And I strongly believe Rocky is competent enough to lead an army of ten thousand soldiers in an exemplary manner. Can you find anyone else more suitable for this position?" Lance responded defending his choice with confidence.

"Well, why don't you let me take over as the leader while he assumes the consultant's role?" Isis asked with hesitation after a brief moment of pondering.

"It must be hard and dangerous to take back three strategic strongholds. No matter who leads, the casualty toll is likely to be high. And I will not put you in such a vulnerable position involving any risk. More importantly, I am sure Alyssa knows you and other commanders of the Crimson Dragon Army very well. Don't forget that there is an agent amongst us in our Crimson Dragon Army. For now, the only one in the Crimson Dragon Army that Alyssa doesn't understand is Rocky. It is only wise to use this to our advantage. With that said, he is the most suitable person to lead the army towards victory." Lance had thought about it all, every minute detail. Even though he didn't know who the traitor was yet, he was very aware of his presence. Despite remaining discreet and careful while making decisions, some plans still got leaked, which left an adverse e

if she uncovered Sabina's purpose for approaching Rocky, she might be able to learn the truth behind Rocky's mysterious identity.

Subsequently, Isis led Sabina down to the drill ground. The army scheduled to go to the battlefield was first ordered to assemble at the drill ground for further commands.

As Sabina and Isis proceeded towards the ground, Rocky and Marin were gathering the army to prepare for the battle.

"Rocky." Isis called out his name from a distance as she entered the drill ground and announced her arrival.

Rocky turned around as he tried to recognize the voice and spotted Isis in the distance. He was a little surprised. He then shifted his attention and noticed the pale beautiful woman walking beside Isis who seemed cold and yet a little familiar.

The woman slowly approached him, and the sense of familiarity intensified as he tried to recognize her.

Sabina's eyebrows were knitted upwards in confusion as she noticed Rocky walk near her. The obvious repulsion reflected on her face.

"It's you!" As Rocky got very close to Isis and Sabina, he finally recognized Sabina. She was the one who saved him from danger at the Geisha House. But now Rocky grew even more confused wondering why she was with Isis. Did Isis send her there to protect him?

"Do you know her?" Isis abruptly asked Rocky after sensing the surprise on Rocky's face as he saw Sabina. She hadn't told Rocky anything about Sabina, neither did her father. So she assumed that Rocky didn't know Sabina. Moreover, she never heard Rocky talk about Sabina either.

"We crossed paths once earlier in a special place," Rocky answered as a bitter smile appeared on his face.

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