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   Chapter 417 Can't Imagine

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"Who are you?" Rocky asked with sheer coldness in his eyes. He wondered why a woman would appear all of a sudden to assassinate him.

"I am the one who came to kill you!" the woman in white answered in her cold voice.

"I remember there is no enmity amongst us. Just tell me why you want to kill me. Or is it that you are sent by somebody else…" Rocky was in no hurry to start a fight back. He could sense the spiritual power of the woman in white was no ordinary, and her power even reached the Heavenly Stage. But it had surprised him that she was just a woman. So, he was really curious to know why such an ace woman would try to assassinate him.

"I am doing this without any reason." With that reply, the woman in white started her violent attack back again. She punched and then punched again towards the water pool with dazzling spiritual light. One could observe that each of her punches was with full strength and completely merciless.

Due to this fierce attack of the woman in white, the water splashed all over the pool, making the pool completely visible all the way to its bottom. Rocky, in his defense, jumped over and landed at the other end of the pool.

"If you want to fight with me, then allow me to put my clothes back on." Undoubtedly Rocky was a thick-skin, but he was surely not thick enough to fight with a woman when he was naked.

But, the woman in white was in no mood to provide Rocky with any chance. She leaped and then skimmed over the pool attacking him again in the mid-air. She yelled out loudly, "Try this!"

As soon as the woman in white finished saying this, Rocky could witness her closing her own fingers and then shooting six streams of spiritual power out into the air, all in succession, with the speed of lightning. In an instant, all of Rocky's exit routes were blocked.

In addition, the reaction speed of Rocky was quite affected by the fact of him being naked as well as the presence of impenetrable fog in the bathroom. By the time he could react, those six streams of spiritual power had already arrived in front of him giving him no time to duck.

Upon this, Rocky gathered the Evil Flame with both hands and tried to directly block these six streams of spiritual power.

"Taste my icy power…"

At this tense moment, something u

ivable suddenly.

The servant girl left the bathroom first after putting down the clothes.

Rocky speculated for a while and collected the clothes from where the servant had left them.

"Yasmin is such a meticulous person; she even got me underwear. But how does she know my size?" As Rocky opened the suit, he found out that the suit inside was from the inside out. There were also a white inner petticoat and a royal blue robe with white silk borders, which was of exquisite workmanship. When he put it on, he found it to be of his exact size.

After that, Rocky took out his silk bag and some of his belongings from the dirty clothes and put them in the clothes he was wearing.

Rocky walked out of the bathroom and saw the maid still standing outside. She froze when she saw Rocky come out as he became energetic, elegant and graceful in his royal blue robe. On top of that, his trademark vicious smile coupled with the look and he appeared completely different from before.

"Mr. Bai, please follow me." The maid stretched out her hand after she regained the peace of her mind and led Rocky to a room.

Soon, the maid escorted Rocky to the same room from where Laney walked out last time when Rocky met her.

"Mr. Bai, Miss Laney asked you to wait for a while in her room and she would be right back soon." After saying this, the maid turned over and left.

'Miss Laney's room is one that all men dream of entering, right?' Rocky thought with a faint smile. And then he opened the door and strode through it.

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