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   Chapter 416 He Is Quite Capable

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"What? Laney, I am sorry but I didn't agree. If you don't show up, then my Geisha House is really going to be smashed by the ones who have been waiting for so long just to watch you perform," Yasmin, boss of the Geisha House, said as she softly turned down what Laney had just proposed to her. Laney had a more pressing matter to deal with as of the moment. As the top performer of the Geisha House, she now had a number of fans who had paid to watch her performance.

"But I have already given my word to Mr. Bai that I'll perform for him solely. And with that, I have to keep my word. Please!" Laney pleaded tenderly once more.

"Oh, my Goddess! Now, how about this... I will treat Mr. Bai for you during your performance, and after that, you can entertain him! After all, the performance wouldn't consume much of your time. If you don't show up at all, then I really don't have the slightest idea on how to calm down so many of your fans who come to have a gaze at your lovely art!" Yasmin proposed meticulously, as she placed her hand on Laney's.

"Miss Laney, you don't have to make a special treatment for me. Please just follow Yasmin's proposal," Rocky said instantly. He was certainly aware that Laney was the leading performer of the Geisha House. Many of the guests went there, just wanting to set their eyes on nothing but Laney. If she didn't turn up tonight, then he guessed that the raging guests would eventually shatter the Geisha House. If that happened, he just couldn't afford the expense of such a significant loss.

"Thank you so much for your kind understanding." Yasmin winked at Rocky, her face still looking gorgeous as a middle-aged woman. In fact, she was one of those who had such a timeless face that never aged. Then, she turned to Laney and said, "Well, I am going to treat Mr. Bai for you. You should put on some makeup first. Be ready for the performance that will begin soon!"

"Well, all right then," Laney said while she unwillingly nodded as soon as she realized that Rocky didn't mind her performing for the guests first. Half pushed by Yasmin, she took her maid and moved backstage to prepare.

"Mr. Bai, Laney has been in our Geisha House for so long, and this is the first time that she didn't want to perform for her guests because of some man. It seems that you have great personal charisma!" Yasmin winked at Rocky as she envied his charm. And then she sized him up with a cheesed off look and said, "Mr. Bai, you look really handsome, but your dressing style is just so..." At that time, Rocky was wearing a worn military gown that had evidently turned white due to frequent wash. Beyond question, he looked like an abject tramp.

"Yasmin, I am sorry for my inappropriate dressing!" Rocky looked at his dressing, realizing that he looked like a farmer. Being in the periphery forest of the Myriad Beasts Ground for a while, he had not changed his clothes, not even once. Every single time he took a bath, he didn

into the house. During that time, an exquisite purple figure flashed on the eaves of the Geisha House's backyard, and then just vanished out of thin air.

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Rocky was snatching forty winks and looked like he was enjoying himself.

Then, with a squeak sound, the door of the bathroom was shoved open, and a white figure fluttered into the room silently.

But when Rocky heard the sound from the door, he thought that it could just be Yasmin's maid who came to give him new clothes. Thinking that it was not a big deal, he did not open his eyes to see what was going on. Yet, he, in no time, felt a cold, abrupt and murderous atmosphere. In an instant, he became cognizant—it was not the maid, and his eyes snapped open.

At that very moment, in the misty fog, the woman in white who flew into the bathroom shone brightly due to the spiritual light around her. Rocky then found out that she was exuding the power at the Heavenly Stage. Without a word, the woman flipped her jade-like hand and threw a few punches towards Rocky in the pool. As quick as lightning, she had infused her best power in her blows.

Puff, puff, puff...

Suddenly, the water in the pool was splashing violently, like a monstrous stone had been thrown into it. The splashing water looked so scintillating and bright, with petals flying along with the water. Although the whole scene looked appealing, Rocky only felt the hidden murderous atmosphere.

"Did I punch him?" the woman in white spoke to no one in a hushed tone.

"Well, almost," a bleak voice responded. Then, a figure emerged from the water along with the voice.

"Hmmm! Indeed, you are quite capable," the woman spoke at once with her elegant, murderous eyes flashing a touch of amazement. Obviously, she didn't expect that Rocky could safely escape her sneak attacks.

Now she could make the safe conclusion that Rocky's strength was definitely not only at the ninth grade of the Earthly Stage.

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