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   Chapter 415 Express Gratitude

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8165

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The prefect of the Evian City was also at a loss for words as Rocky did so. His sight then landed on the thing Rocky just showed out in front of him. It was a crimson token, on which an awe-inspiring red dragon with four claws was vividly engraved. Beyond doubt, this token was out of the common. After giving it another careful glance, the prefect's jaw almost fell to the ground. It took him a few seconds to eventually utter words.

"Is... Is this..." Beaming at the token in Rocky's hand, the prefect's voice was quavering.

Of course, he recognized what that was. It was the Crimson Dragon Token, which symbolized the superior power within the Crimson Dragon Group. There were only two in the entire military group who possessed such tokens to his knowledge—the Commander in Chief and the Deputy Commander in Chief. The one who owned the Crimson Dragon Token, had the right to lead all the soldiers in the territory administered by the Crimson Dragon Group.

Now that Rocky had the Crimson Dragon Token in his hand, it meant his position in the Crimson Dragon Group might be as powerful as the Deputy Commander in Chief.

With that thought, the prefect turned grim-faced.

"Hush!" Rocky placed a finger before pursed lips and afterwards put the token into his pocket.

A chill was sent down the prefect's spine, and he closed his mouth in lightning speed.

"Dear Prefect, do you know how to do next now?" Rocky sneered as squinting at him.

The prefect's face was as pale as a ghost already when he thought the one he had offended was such a powerful figure. Although he had never met Rocky before, he recognized the Crimson Dragon Token in Rocky's hand. He had been in office in the Evian City for a long time, so he had seen the token for several times. It was barely possible that Rocky would use a counter fake token to trick him, because forging the Crimson Dragon Token was a capital crime. He didn't believe that Rocky had that nerve to commit such a severe crime.

The prefect of the Evian City was a clever man. As hearing Rocky, he understood what he meant behind words. The only way to solve his crisis was to deal with the initiator. He then strode to his son and dragged his collar. After pulling his son in front of Rocky, the prefect kicked on his son's leg to force him to kneel down. With a hard slap on his son's head, the prefect yelled on top of his voice, "You idiot! How can you be that stupid? H

son. He even flirted with that kind of woman in public. Why did my teacher order me to safeguard a man like him? He is so disgusting!" As the words left her mouth, she already vanished in thin air on the spot.

It was almost at sunset when Rocky set his foot at the Geisha House with Laney. Because the Geisha House didn't open yet, it looked cheerless.

Once upon their arrival, Yasmin came to greet them and held Laney's hand as asking, "Where have you been? Do you know how much I was worried about you? What took you that long?"

Laney was the best girl in the Geisha House, and most of the guests were here for her. What if anything happened to Laney, Yasmin would lose at least half of her customers. That explained why Yasmin looked so worried.

"I got a little trouble on my way back. If not because of Mr. Bai, I would have no idea what would occur to me next," Laney smiled, and then turned to look at Rocky standing behind her.

Yasmin recognized Rocky soon and was caught by surprise. She exclaimed with wide eyes, "Aren't you Sheridan's student?"

"Nice to see you again, Yasmin!" Rocky bowed to her politely.

"Good boy! You are as tenderhearted as your teacher. Oh, why doesn't your teacher come with you this time?" Yasmin asked in a dash.

"I just bumped into Laney and originally planned to come back," Rocky answered.

"That's it. Now that you saved Laney out of a tight spot, everything you like is on the house. Please be my guest. And I will call two girls to serve you tonight," Yasmin said passionately.

"Yasmin, tonight I want..." Laney spoke in a hushed tone in Yasmin's ear.

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