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   Chapter 414 Beyond People's Expectation

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6448

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This was not the first time for Rocky to conduct in such a manner. He had the guts to retort the Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group, not to mention the prefect of the Evian City.

The face of the prefect of the Evian City darkened. He had never set his eyes on anyone so provocative in the place in his charge before. And what made him boil with indignation was that Rocky beat his son and had no intention of making an apology, which was unbearable for him.

At this time, several spirit manipulators came down the horses following the prefect of the Evian City. They were at the first and second grade of the Earthly Stage which was corresponding to the strength of the captain of a small military camp of the Crimson Dragon Group. The bodyguards who were at the back of the team had already besieged the street.

"Sir, just cut the bluffing with him. Bring him back and grill him until he makes a clean breast of it. The enemy may have sent him here," one of the spirit manipulators said to the prefect of the Evian City.

"Take him!" The prefect of the Evian City made an indication, and several spirit manipulators wended their way towards Rocky in a dash.

At this time, a subtle figure darted in front of Rocky and said tenderly to the prefect of the Evian City, "Sir, your son is the one to be held accountable. My friend was just lending a hand. He is not to blame at all."

"Miss Laney..." Rocky didn't foresee that Laney would have the stout-heartedness to take his side at this time, and appreciation could be seen sticking out a mile in his eyes.

"Who the hell are you?" the prefect of the Evian City inquired.

"Father, this bitch is..." the son of the prefect was cut shortly as Laney took off the veil.

Then everyone present was held spellbound by the splendid face, including the prefect of the Evian City. They were all sent into a trance by Laney's good looks.

"I'm Lane

t in a twinkle of an eye, dashing a fierce wave of wind which dispersed in all directions.

What was more rude awakening was that the prefect of the Evian City felt an outbreak of spiritual power which was stronger than his surging towards him, pressing him to step back by at least ten meters. When he halted, he spit a little blood.

Everyone was astounded at this scene, unable to comprehend what had just transpired.

No one had the slightest notion that Rocky would encounter the fist of the prefect and overpower him. At this moment, they all started to cudgel their brains, whether Rocky was a master who had concealed his real strength.

The prefect stared at Rocky, his mind blown away by Rocky's profound power. It was like making him eat humble pie for him to lose to Rocky in front of so many people.

"Fortunate for you. Be tentative. I mean what I declare this time!" To win his honor back, the prefect shouted and heaved himself towards Rocky. He raised his arm, which was flickering with all of his spiritual light.

To people's consternation, Rocky didn't create a response but stood still in his place.

When the fist of the prefect was about to touch Rocky, Rocky took out an item to block the prefect's fist, an action beyond everyone's presumption.

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