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   Chapter 412 Hidden Strength

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"You... I can't believe that you're as strong as an ox!" the tallest man sighed with amazement. It was not until now that he became aware of who Rocky really was. In fact, Rocky had been concealing his formidable strength and was good enough not to let anyone know what he was capable of. The tallest man even turned pale in a split second. On the contrary, he tried to pull his fist that Rocky was gripping so tightly. However, at the same time, he felt something strange as he looked at his arm and saw that it was on fire. To add salt into an injury, the fire looked peculiar and sharp as it displayed interlacing black and red lines.

"Ouch! That freaking hurts!" The man suddenly felt like his arm was being roasted over hungry raging flames. In fact, the pain was so excruciating that he wished for death at that very moment. His skin melted, which then seared at a fast rate. Being cooked alive, a smell of barbecue began to float in the air. Shaking his arm as quickly as he could, the man attempted to fight and put out the fire. Nevertheless, no matter how hard he tried, he still failed.

And just like that, his entire arm suddenly became deformed and burned, like it was not a part of his body anymore. Looking like a withered tree trunk, there was no trace of blood whatsoever. It was burnt so bad that only a little residual muscle and bones were left.

The witnesses, on the other hand, had their mouths agape as they saw what had just happened. All of their stomachs went topsy turvy at the sight of such a very gruesome event that some of them felt the need to throw up.

Meanwhile, Laney, who was standing behind Rocky, looked sullen and pale from what she had just seen. Swinging her head from side to side, she tried to avoid seeing the man's burnt arm.

The sissy was also scared as he felt chills down his spine. At that very moment, he knew that something bad was going to happen.

"Sir, please, I beg you. Have mercy on me! I know that I am wrong!" the tallest man pleaded as he asked for forgiveness and pardon. Weak to his core, his legs had given away, forcing him to get down on his knees to plead once more. Looking pale as dead, he wet his pants out of fright.

"Mr. Bai, please let him go! He's no better than a servant," Laney said in the softest voice possible as she intervened with Rocky for the man. Being softhearted and kind by nature, she was not able to stomach the sight of a person suffering.

"You're too gracious, you know?. Since he bears the candle to the devil, he has to be racked with pain for what he has done," Rocky said, as he turned his back to have a closer look at Laney. Despite their disagreement in words, he gave a grunt and waved one of his arms all of a sudden, as if he didn't want to do it in the first place. Immediately, the fire on the man's arm suddenly came to a halt.

"Go away! Never let me see you anywhere near me ever again!" Rocky replied as he gave the tall man one last frosty stare.

Petrified and trembling like a leaf from head to toe, the tall man crawled and tumbled on the ground as fast as he could while he held his deformed arm.


persistent visitor of the Geisha House, but had never had the chance to meet Laney in person. Now that he came face to face with her at the moment, he stared at her, twinkling his eyes as if he was flirting.

"How could the son of our prefect carry out such kind of thing? I'm starting to guess that Miss Laney must have misinterpreted him. This man must have some disrespectful and dirty motives on Miss Laney so that he framed the son of our prefect and created an invalid charge against him. Problem solved. Please head back to the Geisha House right away, Miss Laney. Rest assured that I will deal with this man vigorously," Calvin said when he eventually came back to his senses and coughed quite a while later. Obviously, he was twisting the truth with what had happened.

"Sir, the son of the prefect really did attempt to abuse me just now. Fortunately, he was interrupted by this friend of mine," Laney pointed out, as she glanced at Rocky. She would not forget her friend when he was roughed up.

Calvin's face changed its color upon hearing Laney's explanation. He hadn't foreseen that she would stand by Rocky openly and put in a favorable account for him. Nevertheless, Calvin would not miss such an exceptional chance and let go of Rocky so smoothly. As his eyes were overcast, he proceeded, "Even so, he was wrong by wounding others. I must deal with the matter reasonably. Guards, apprehend him!"

In an instant, Rocky was ceased by a group of urban guards who came with Calvin.

"Miss Laney, leave these men to me. I can deal with them accordingly. You'd better head back now, because I'm scared stiff of what is going to happen in these men. Turn back now for this might come off as too much for your eyes." Rocky turned his head back as he instructed Laney.

"No way, Rocky. You did everything just to help me when I was in need. How could I ever have the guts to leave you here all by yourself?" Laney spoke as sincerely as she could, shaking her head adamantly.

"Okay then. It's all up to you," Rocky said with a smirk on his face as he vanished into thin air.

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