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   Chapter 410 A Young Lover

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"If it was an ordinary spirit-manipulated beast, I wouldn't pay too much attention to it. But this is a war dragon that belongs to a member of the Elite Regiment and each of them is arrogant and tough to deal with. If under my guardianship, something happens to their spirit-manipulated beasts, then they can create serious trouble for me," Sheridan said worryingly.

"A member of the Elite Regiment?" having no idea of their presence there, Rocky asked for confirmation.

"Didn't you know? The Commander In Chief has just ordered to call back some members of the Elite Regiment. They were ordered to join the troops in fighting the battles at the front line. They are supposed to reach the main camp by now. Haven't you seen any of them? I heard about your great contributions at the front line..." Sheridan paused, beaming with joy. As Rocky's master, Sheridan was quite happy to hear about the bravery of Rocky at the Wild Heaven Pass. He felt quite proud of his disciple.

Rocky simply shook his head. He didn't care about the Elite Regiment since they had nothing to do with him.

"I can cure this war dragon, but under the condition that you give me a three-star cub," Rocky said without giving up the good opportunity to blackmail his master, as he had promised Sue that he would give her a spirit manipulated beast.

"What?! A three-star cub? What are you going to do with it? You already have two spirit-manipulated beasts, can you own three spirit-manipulated beasts at the same time?" Sheridan asked with a hint of melancholy in his voice.

"I want to present it to someone else as a gift," Rocky replied.

"A gift? How generous of you to give a three-star spirit-manipulated beast as a gift! Is that someone, a woman? Anyway, do you think those three-star cubs are available freely, and you could pick up one at your own will? But the truth is that all the spirit-manipulated beasts in the main camp are subjected to a strict management system. It would be impossible for anybody to take them away without permission." Sheridan spoke sternly. He knew clearly that his disciple was fleecing him since he was in urgent need of his help. And Rocky did that just in order to make a woman happy. With these thoughts in mind, Sheridan could not help but feel sad for himself.

"It's all up to you," Rocky said while stretching his hands and shrugging. It was obvious that he would refuse to cure the war dragon unless he w

back and forth repeatedly like an anxious husband waiting outside the delivery room of his wife.

As soon as he noticed Rocky, Sheridan paced to him and asked, "How was the operation?"

"Of course the operation was a success. You know I am skilled at doing it," Rocky answered, patting Sheridan on the shoulder and giving him a confident smile. He then gave Sheridan some post-operative instructions about how to take care of the war dragon after the operation while taking Wintersweet Marten back from him.

"By the way, this spirit-manipulated beast will be a gift for a younger sister of mine, whose name is Sue. She works for the Deputy Commander in Chief and is also practicing the mental cultivation method as a spirit manipulator. For my sake please do take care of her while you can and give her directions when you are free," Rocky said to Sheridan.

"A younger sister? I have never heard about you having a younger sister. Actually she is your lover, right?" Sheridan asked Rocky mockingly.

"I'm leaving now," Rocky said and rolled his eyes before leaving.

After leaving the beast farm, Rocky took the Wintersweet Marten to the Isis Pavilion for Sue, who danced with happiness when she caught sight of the Wintersweet Marten. After all, every spirit manipulator was happy to own his or her own spirit-manipulated beast.

"Sue, if you encounter any difficulty while practicing and require some advice, you may ask Sheridan for help. I've told him about you," Rocky sighed. He then taught Sue how to make the Wintersweet Marten accept her as its master and waved goodbye while leaving the Isis Pavilion.

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