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   Chapter 405 Who Is The Suspect (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6436

Updated: 2020-02-17 00:47

"Commander in Chief, I am of the point of view you passed the judgment without a second thought. If Rocky were to be eligible to have the same power as the Deputy Commander in Chief, the Crimson Dragon Group would be in grave jeopardy if he would act in defiance. No one can get one's mitts on his allegiance to the Crimson Dragon Army..." Marin lodged a revolt as she got wind of Lance's offer to Rocky. She didn't perceive why she kept guarding against Rocky. Even though he assuaged her from desperate straits in many cases, she sensed he was extremely mystical to be exemption from cynicism. She noticed there was a peculiar sense of distance from him. So, she felt an instant perturbation in her mind when she got wind that the Commander in Chief brought forward such a fundamental position to Rocky. Although there was a time that she lacked conviction about herself being exceedingly sensitive, she did not think she did anything faulty in any situation.

"Father, you need to have a second opinion before you make this declaration!" Isis also had a sneaking suspicion her father's resolution was an impulsive one. It was not because she considered Rocky was not worth her credence. What induced her uneasiness was the impressive change in Rocky's position in the military camp. Rocky was a mere captain of a small squad not long ago, but in no time, he would be a Crimson Dragon General who owned the same power as she did. It would, without a doubt, be a bolt out of the blue and generate an enormous turmoil among the entire Crimson Dragon Group if the news spread.

"I have pondered things over concerning this promotion offer. I indeed am of the impression that Rocky is proficient in this position. He will be a qualified Crimson Dragon General," Lance replied in a reverberating voice as he peered single-minded to the two girls.

At that moment, Rocky also fell into deep contemplation in front of such an

can be free from ambiguity. He is in all likelihood a member of the royal family." Lance surprised everyone by the news. Their faces were washed blank with confusion like their brain cogs couldn't turn fast enough to take in the information from their wide eyes.

"What!" Isis and Marin were left open-mouthed as they perceived the unhoped-for information from Lance. It was entirely beyond their quick-wittedness that Rocky could have such a prestigious background.

"A member of the royal family? If Rocky were a member of the royal family, then why was he dispatched into exile to the Gehenna Border? This has, on no occasion, occurred to a member of the royal family in the history of our country!" Isis popped a quiz in total perplexity. Her queries were actually key to figure out the identity puzzle.

"That was specifically what I had been struggling to rattle out. If I could figure this puzzle out, Rocky's genuine identity would have been made public." Lance looked grave in reflection. No one could have any slightest clue on what he was putting on his thinking cap.

"Then, would it be feasible that Rocky is a royal spirit manipulator?" Marin could not help hazard a guess as she, in an instant, took a trip down memory lane Rocky had driven her Verdanim twice.

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