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   Chapter 404 A New Position

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7590

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Everyone in the tent was taken aback when they turned to see where a certain sound came from. The person who entered was no other than Rocky, the man who saved the Wild Heaven Pass from danger before disappearing for a few days.

Once they recognized Rocky, everyone seemed to have mixed reactions. Admiration, disbelief and even shocked expressions were scribbled across their faces. Some of them even seemed to be jealous of him. A bitter expression, meanwhile, was coming from a certain person called Flank. Rocky had taught him quite a lesson lately.

Flank was badly injured by Rocky in that fight and had to lie in bed for a few days before he made a full recovery. When Flank saw Rocky, he looked at him with rage-filled eyes, as if he saw a murderer who had killed his father.

However, when Flank accidentally met Rocky's eyes, a chill immediately ran down his spine. It seemed that Frank was subconsciously afraid of Rocky. He still had no idea how Rocky was able to beat him last time. To his knowledge, he knew Rocky could not be that strong. Such a powerful attack was possibly at the Heavenly Stage. Of course, Flank would never believe that Rocky had already reached that level.

"You finally came," Isis said as she shot a cold look at Rocky. She couldn't help but let her gaze linger on him for a while.

If not for Rocky, she would have lost the Wild Heaven Pass. She would have drowned in guilt if that had happened. After all, it was her mistake that the Crimson Dragon Army suffered a huge loss of the thirty-thousand main force and had been pushed to a corner. In other words, Rocky not only saved the Crimson Dragon Army, but also fixed her mistake. So she should actually be grateful to Rocky. However, whenever she'd like to thank him, her words never seemed to come out.

"Ha-ha! How could I not? The Commander-in-Chief still owes me something," Rocky joked as he walked to Lance under the careful gaze of the others. He then asked directly, "Commander in Chief, you will keep your word, right? Can I get the reward you promised me?"

Lance nodded and then took out a Dark Heaven Egg. It was about the size of a palm. The Dark Heaven Egg was gleaming with faint light as if was a black pearl. As soon as one laid eyes on the egg,

Dragon General?" Rocky never expected that Lance would put forward such a tempting offer.

"Here is the Crimson Dragon Token. So long as you have this, you will have the same power as the Deputy Commander in Chief and will gain the right to lead thirty thousand soldiers. You will only report to me, the Commander in Chief. Apart from me, there is only Isis who possesses the Crimson Dragon Token in the entire military camp. If you agree to assume the Crimson Dragon General position, then this Crimson Dragon Token will be yours. In other words, you will possess the power to lead the Crimson Dragon Army." Lance took out a crimson token where an incredible red dragon with four claws was clearly engraved.

Rocky was collecting his thoughts after hearing Lance. According to Lance, the Crimson Dragon General was just as powerful as Isis and had the right to lead thirty thousand soldiers. If he accepted this offer, he would be superior to everyone else in the Crimson Dragon Group except Isis and Lance. That was extremely close to his target. Yet, he would still be an insignificant member in public since the Crimson Dragon General was a confidential position. If Lance didn't come up with that, Rocky would be nothing. That meant Lance didn't trust Rocky completely. But because of Rocky's real identity, Lance believed that Rocky would never betray the Holy Dragon Empire and set up this special position specialized for him. That was the best Lance could do for Rocky, and Rocky could tell about that.

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