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   Chapter 403 In Exchange Of Help (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-02-17 00:47

Meanwhile, they were all astounded by such a spectacle, that the Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group was now asserting his thankfulness for a mere captain of the logistics camp. This was something that had never taken place before! Their eyes and their mouths were frozen wide open in an expression of bewildered dismay.

"Father, what are you speaking about? I don't literally understand your words," Isis asked with confusion written all over her face at this moment. In her heart, she was really inquisitive about what Rocky had told and done to her father before. The more she mulled it over, the more her brain became a spinning top, always finding more questions than answers.

"Well, we'll converse about this later. Now could you tell me the details about the clamor in Wild Heaven Pass earlier, what had Rocky done to maintain the field of the pass?" Lance could not twiddle his thumbs longer that he interrogated about the details of the battle. In his mind, he was inquisitive about Rocky Bai, together with what he had done to keep Wild Heaven Pass successfully.

After that, Isis then made intelligible all the details in the clamor, comprising of the scene that she and Marin were requested to play the heptachord and dancing on the city wall. However, since she did not give compliance to what Rocky had done in her heart, she spoke as if she were uttering balderdash at this moment. Meanwhile, the other Commanders at present were bewildered and at a loss of words as they either didn't have the slightest clue about the reason why Rocky had done so.

Among all the people at the scene, Lance was the only one who could explain the art of war from what Isis had just announced, holding in high regard expression written all over his face.

"Well done! What a magnificent trick! I'm really taken my breath away by Rocky's subterfuge

to give away the high-grade Dark Heaven Egg at the same time.

"Father, I'm dismayed stiff that Rocky Bai might be uncontrolled in the future since you have given him so many precious treasures this time," Isis set forth with a slightly knitted brow on her face. Deep in her heart, she still longed to take Rocky down for her father.

"Well, it was an emergency back then. And I could only grab the chance to attempt at that time. But now, it looks like we were doing the right thing. Don't you concur? Look, we now hold not only the field of Wild Heaven Pass but also Loyal Dragon Pass! Therefore, it was like hitting two birds with one stone! Everything goes smoothly for now since we have repossessed what we had lost," Lance explained. He had no thought on what to do at that time, so he had to be of the same mind to Rocky's offer. However, he considered that what he had given Rocky for exchanging was desirable at the end.

"Well, I don't assume it's decent though," Marin could not help but affirm.

Other Commanders bowed their concurrence at her comments this time.

"So what? It takes two to make an argument. Am I not correct?" A booming voice then advanced into the tent at this moment. Someone walked straight inside.

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