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   Chapter 402 In Exchange Of Help (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6637

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Two days right after the Crimson Dragon Army had muddled through holding the field of the three passes, the reinforcements demanded by Lance turned up in time. These reinforcements were constituted of the Elite Regiment and twenty thousand main forces. Three more days passed since thirty thousand more main forces led by two Elite Commanders arrived at the frontline, to join the clamor.

For now, there were approximately seventy thousands of Crimson Dragon Army here collectively. With the strongly formidable forces, they were now in a position to thrash back the Timber Deity Empire. On the other hand, the Timber Deity Empire encountered significant losses when they were battling at the clamor in Loyal Dragon Pass and Wild Heaven Pass, with substantial casualties of nearly forty thousand soldiers. At present, these two armies were far apart in strength. Thus, the leader of the army of the Timber Deity Empire could merely call for a withdrawal as speedily as feasible to nip in the bud for any more costs of soldiers.

Currently, the two armies were now standing at where they had commenced once again, after the pulling out of the Timber Deity Empire.

With the tremendous assistance of Rocky for more than a month, specifically on how to hold the field of Wild Heaven Pass, the Crimson Dragon Army was then in a position to drive the enemy back. According to his battle proposed action, the Crimson Dragon Army did an about-turn entirely on the situation and got back to the advantage. Everything suggested to have come full circle, with the two armies standing at where they had commenced before the clamor occurred. The numbers of the two troops differed, though, after a strenuous round of fighting.

On the other side, something gave the impression of taking place in the frontline at this moment as the leaders got together.

Inside the giant tent, Lance was now sitting calmly like the sleep of a soul that was blest in his tiger chair. At each side of his

"That guy, he departed earlier after the retreat of the Timber Deity Empire made their getaway," Marin responded as if she was in high dudgeon with Rocky.

"Oh, that case..." Lance spoke with a sullen face and, in a flash, halted as if there was a shift in his thoughts. He then let out a slight sigh and proceeded, "Anyway, without Rocky's advice, we couldn't have held the field of Loyal Dragon Pass this time. Thanks to him, otherwise, we won't be in a position to keep both Wild Heaven Pass and Loyal Dragon Pass in the end."

As Lance was talking, none of the people at the scene had the slightest idea what his actual motive of saying so. Isis, Marin and other Commanders could only peer at each other and be reticent as a mouse at this moment as they were halting for Lance to finish uttering his words so that they would have a definite view why Lance had said so. Sometime earlier, none of them had figured it out why Lance would hand over the army from Frozen River Pass to Loyal Dragon Pass back then. As for them, it was really weird that Lance would establish such an arrangement. As a matter of fact, he was doing this because of Rocky's recommendation. Thus, no doubt all the Commanders looked flustered when Lance mentioned this again at this moment. They felt like their brain cells had been randomized.

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