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   Chapter 385 Rubygon's Upgrade

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7649

Updated: 2020-02-14 03:00

On the spur of the moment, an earsplitting roar reverberated in the air, as if thunder was rumbling the sky. In a split second, plenty of birds and beasts made a rapid exit from the forest. Everything was in an entire mayhem.

Under the towering ancient tree, a black ray passed through thick leaves and brimmed over up into the sky. It burned while licking everything like a hungry kitten with a saucer of milk, leaving everything into ashes along the way and left a round hole above the ancient tree. When the black ray flew in the sky, it burst out into a black firework and then faded away.

Rocky fixed his gaze up with wide eyes, beads of sweat all over his head. As puffing and panting, he turned to gaze at Rubygon in front of him. Black spiritual power had engulfed Rubygon right now, and it displayed a heart-rending expression when its limbs were twitching. Great hard-heartedness was eloquent in its eyes.

As Rubygon roared again like a lion, the black spiritual power around it began rotating and intertwining. The scaring to death picture suggested to be numerous demons were going hysterical.

At the same time, compelling changes were taking place to Rubygon amongst the black spiritual power. Its original height was merely as tall as half a person, but now its body was becoming bigger and taller as fast track as a blowing balloon. In a matter of moments, its height had exceeded two meters. Rubygon was now even stronger and higher than Uriah, carrying a formidable air.

While the upgrade process was still going on, Rubygon's sharp teeth grew longer and scarier that would astound the life out of someone. Its two canine teeth in the upper jaw even protruded from the mouth, like two razor-sharp daggers hanged below its upper jaw. The nails on its four claws also grew longer and even dug into the ground deeply. The tail behind its colossal body turned into two, as the shape of the sickle. As the two tails waved in the air, they were glistening with cold aura.

"Evolve? Rubygon's star rating is advancing!" Rocky was caught on the wrong foot by what was developing to it, which was totally out of his presupposition.

The dense black spiritual power gradually dissipated, which meant that the upgrade process had come to a halt. The subtle rattling and

dilection to give it his best shot on this skill on Uriah next time. If he and Uriah were connected through their spiritual power, Uriah might have the same evolution as Rubygon did just then, or even have a special mutation one more time. After all, Uriah was an out of the ordinary spiritual beast with superior talent. Although it was merely at the third grade of the three-star level, with its deep red scales, it could even have a match for a four-star spirit-manipulated beast.

Yet, Uriah's power still had a disparity between a four-star spirit-manipulated beast's. For precedent, Uriah could not take the catbird seat over the Trunk Giant during the battle last time. Rubygon could not even spark off any damage to the Trunk Giant.

That could also make obvious the dire straits that a spirit-manipulated beast struggled to go beyond the gap between the star ratings. Thus, it was of a lot of significance for a spirit-manipulated beast to have an upgrade.

At the same time, Uriah and the other two beasts had come to Rubygon to have a good time owing to its upgrade. They kept running around Rubygon to make manifest how much overjoyed as a clam they felt for it. Rubygon was also so tickled pink that it had joined their jubilation.

Rocky let out a deep sigh of alleviation as getting a glimpse of that picture. It was really a close call when he imprinted a mark of spiritual power on Rubygon. If not because of the Holy Dragon Bead's power, he would have been a corpse already before finishing the mark.

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