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   Chapter 384 Confirm The Owner

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Meanwhile, Uriah, Rainbow Glow Unicorn, and Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf surrounded Rocky and Rubygon under the old towering tree in the forest just outside the Myriad Beasts Ground. They were on high alert, looking around cautiously just like the guards.

Rocky placed his hand on Rubygon's forehead, and both of them started to glow. Countless light-spots whirled around the two, encasing them in a bright cocoon of spiritual power.

Rocky and Rubygon were performing the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill where the spiritual sense coursing through Rocky entered Rubygon's body. The last step in fulfilling the spiritual power connection was to carve a brand into Rubygon's spiritual source.

Because of this powerful spiritual bond, Rocky was able to enter a fantastic world created by Rubygon's body. His spiritual sense was presented in a tiny human form, just like a cell.

Flickering light-spots shuffled back and forth which made Rocky feel like he was in a high-tech psychedelic cosmos, the sphere of lights speeding around him. The luminescent macrocosm was from the spiritual source, which made spirit-manipulated beasts like Rubygon one of a kind.

The spiritual source gave spirit-manipulated beasts special abilities. The light-spots created by the spiritual source intricately connected the spirit-manipulated beasts to their power. This connection made spirit-manipulated beasts vulnerable whenever the light-spots or even the spiritual source was harmed.

The light-spots looked soft and inviting as they fully pulsated with strong spiritual power. Touching the light-spots would have made Rocky's spiritual sense shake, which could potentially hurt him fatally. It was also the most dangerous risk spirit manipulators took when using the spiritual power to connect with spirit-manipulated beasts.

One way of reaching the spiritual source was through Spirit Possession with a spiri

he spiritual power storm. Rocky was threatened to fall.

Without hesitation, Rocky did his best to get close to the spiritual source. If he failed, he would be swallowed by the power of the luminous sphere. This was a race, not only with time, but with death as well.

He couldn't give up now!

The bridge was still disconnecting. Almost every spiritual power created by Rocky's steps quickly dissipated after it just formed.

At the same time, the spiritual source was almost within his reach.

The bridge eventually broke, and Rocky fell down defenselessly. The churning ocean of strong spiritual power underneath could swallow him up easily.

Rocky's life was in danger!

'I can do it!' he told himself. As he opened his eyes, several strands of black spiritual power wrapped him completely like numerous creeping branches.

In the blink of an eye, a pair of angelic black wings appeared behind Rocky. It saved him from falling into the turbulent spiritual power beneath and brought him up close to the spiritual source.

'Be my spirit-manipulated beast!' Rocky yelled in his heart, raising his hand with black Evil Flame and pressing it on the shining spiritual source.

At that moment, the black Evil Flame enveloped the whole spiritual source.

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