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   Chapter 383 A Bloody Battle

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"It's going to be difficult. We're practically between a rock and a hard place. The possibility of losing either Wild Heaven Pass or Loyal Dragon Pass is unbearable. I can't imagine how it would be for the Crimson Dragon Group. With the way things are now, we will have to make a sacrifice. It's best to focus our forces on just one. Defending both will be impossible. We lack the manpower and worse, we might end up losing both. Even if our reinforcements make it in time, we won't be able to seize it back." Lance drew out his words with emphasis as he lifted his chin. His well-sculpted features displayed the confidence in his statement. He had given careful consideration to every aspect of their current predicament. It was tantamount that he considered every decision he was going to make, for the fate of the Crimson Dragon Group rested upon these changes. Mistakes could prove fatal, so he must be cautious.

"If that's what you think is best, which pass would you want us to defend, father?" Isis asked, her eyes sparkling.

"We will be defending Wild Heaven Pass. The Loyal Dragon Pass is now under siege by troops that are led by the Commander-in-Chief of the Timber Deity Empire, Princess Alyssa. Our scouts have informed me that she has shown herself in the battlefield. Even if we send out reinforcements to mount our defense, it will be a moot battle, unless I lead the troops myself. But Princess Alyssa must have already prepared for that possibility. And if she sees me, she'll launch a counter attack. She'll most likely redirect her forces to the Frozen River Pass, knowing we won't be able to defend it. Being directly connected to Evian City, the Frozen River Pass is more important than the other two. It is of the utmost importance that we don't lose it, even if the others fall to their hands. Though it would appear that Wild Heaven Pass is under a lot of threat, we must consider that the battle has lasted for several days now. Not only are our troops becoming tired, but surely the Timber Deity Empire's troops are the same. If we can mount our forces there and defend it, if we can overpower their troops, then we will have the upper hand before our reinforcements come. By then, if we have lost Loyal Dragon Pass, we only need to gather all our forces to take it back." Lance's words swept through the room as he quickly analyzed the situation. He described the current states of all three passes in vivid detail. It was his sharp mind and his keen wit, that earned him the position of the Commander-in-Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group. He deserved the title given to him.

"Such being the case, let me lead the troops to assist the defense of Wild Heaven Pass! I will make certain to hold Wild Heaven Pass, defending it with all of my power, no matter what," Isis said as she volunteered herself without any hesitation. She felt culpable for the predicament that plagued the Crimson Dragon Army, and felt it was only right for her to remedy the situation.

"In order to successfully defend Frozen River Pass, we would need to station ten thousand troops here. We would be left with no more than five thousand troops to be dispatched to Wild Heaven Pass in order to assist with its defense. Taking into account the forces

Wild Heaven Pass. A gruesome scene greeted them as they approached. A litter of corpses lined the pass and the woods that stretched on both sides, beacons and flames spread throughout.

Before the troops of the Timber Deity Empire launched another attack, Isis took the initiative to proceed further into Wild Heaven Pass. She signaled her troops to follow suit, converging with the unit of the Crimson Dragon Army led by the Elite Commander who had been holding their position here.

The Elite Commander's eyes brightened at the sight of the reinforcements that met them, but he deflated after a while, knowing that they were not able to carry out the Commander in Chief's wishes. "Deputy Commander in Chief, I have no excuse. I have failed to carry out the orders and almost lost Wild Heaven Pass. Please offer me the punishment that I deserve." The commander knelt down in shame as soon as Isis arrived, offering his apology.

"Commander, this is no time to be throwing out the blame to anyone. Stand up. We must all unite to defend Wild Heaven Pass!" Isis shouted, her voice ringing through the air. She stood on the defensive wall that was marred by the flames and looked down at the enemy troops who were preparing to launch another attack outside the Pass.

Just then, the Commanders and soldiers inside the pass who had been almost at the verge of giving up, cheered along with Isis, their voices echoing in a single chorus.

At daybreak, the troops of the Timber Deity Empire rushed toward them like a surging tidal wave as they launched their attack. Their forces were twice the number of those of the Crimson Dragon Army. Taking advantage of their numbers, they struck the defensive line that Isis had arranged during the previous night.

Under Isis' command, the Frontline Commanders, including Marin and Dunn, took turns in leading troops outside of the pass, mounting their own forces to battle. With their limited forces, they struggled to fight back against the throngs of their enemies, and thus began the bloody battle in Wild Heaven Pass. The sound of steel and the fall of dead bodies hung in the air, silencing everything else in its wake.

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