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   Chapter 382 Dilemma

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As a deafening roar reverberated in the air, a colossal dragon flew out of the crevice. Its giant body glistened with dazzling thunder light, and its three huge heads were swinging. The four gigantic wings behind its heads even impeded the sunlight. Its body was as large as a mountain. Bolts of thunder kept spurting out of its two tails. The formidable aura around it rattled the spectators to the core.

Those soldiers in the Loyal Dragon Pass almost bounced out of their skin as facing the colossal dragon's appearance. The poor-spirited ones among them could not even help but begin shaking like a leaf.

The spot where the Timber Deity Empire's army encamped was near to the Loyal Dragon Pass, so they also caught a glimpse of the colossal dragon. Their jaws almost fell to the ground as seeing the rude awakening picture.

That giant creature was Lance's spirit-manipulated beast, a six-star Thunder Blustering Dragon. It ranked top ten on the Spiritual Beast List of the Wild Spirit Land, no matter in strength or quality. The Thunder Blustering Dragon was strong as an eagle and out of the ordinary kind of spiritual dragon among the thunder series. What could be on a par with Lance's Thunder Blustering Dragon in the Holy Dragon Empire were only the two spirit-manipulated beasts of Bryant's and Marcia's.

Lance self-possessed as the breast of a lake when the loud wind was laid jumped into the air. With a gleam of his spiritual power, he had ridden on the Thunder Blustering Dragon. As it was waving its wings, a sand storm swept over the Loyal Dragon Pass.

In a flickering of an eye, the Thunder Blustering Dragon had brimmed over up into the sky and ebbed away.

It was already night when Lance came back to the Frozen River Pass.

"Father!" As promptly as perceiving Lance made an appearance, Isis came to catch sight of him.

"How about the Wild Heaven Pass right now?" Lance inquired.

"We have lost ten thousand of our men. By good luck, Commander Ron already kept at arm's length the enemy ambush and expelled them out of the Wild Heaven Pass!" Isis answered with a somber look.

"It's still too shortly to make conclusions!" Lance declared.

"Father, do you mean we should allocate some reinforcements to the Wild Heaven Pass?" Isis' brows knitted together.

"No, we can't do that. Ten thousand soldiers of the Crimson Dragon Group have been assigned to the Loyal Dragon Pass from the Frozen River Pass. There are only twenty thousand soldiers in the Frozen River Pass right now. If we sent reinforcements to the Wild Heaven Pass, the Frozen River Pass would be on jeopardy then." Lance face looked sullen and then proceeded, "It's our rival's swindle. Now that the Timber Deity Empire has a substantial upper hand over us in the aspect of army forces, they bring int

But if he didn't do so, the Holy Dragon Empire would lose two crucial passes at the same time. The Timber Deity Empire could easily invade several cities around the Holy Dragon Empire's boundary like a piece of old tackle.

These days, the Crimson Dragon Army had already been dissipated after engaging in several fights. It was a hard nut to crack for them to guard a mere pass. How could they maintain both the Wild Heaven Pass and the Loyal Dragon Pass?

"Father!" Isis wended her way in without signaling.

"Is there any piece of information about the Wild Heaven Pass and the Loyal Dragon Pass?" Lance's brows knitted together. While he had to blow the lid off that Princess Alyssa was so good that she even pushed him and the Crimson Dragon Army in a corner.

Although Lance had encountered a lot and dominated for many time, he was already at the end of his wits as facing the current monkey wrench in the works. Perturbation had almost worn him out, which was so evident in the increase of his grey hair. Before the reinforcements arrived, the two principal passes were already on the edge of losing. Yet, he didn't have the slightest idea about how to handle with that because of the inadequate army forces. All of these were overpowering him and almost smothered him.

"Nothing new! I'm scared stiff that we would lose the Wild Heaven Pass." Isis shook her head slightly as a hint of twitchiness flashed in her eyes. Meanwhile, a man's figure clicked into her mind. She believed that if he was here now, he might have a way to alleviate their up to the minute crisis. Although she fully understood that getting out of such a quandary was almost close to drawing water from a stone, she still believed that he could come to someone's rescue. Because she already witnessed that he turned the impossibility into possibility last time in the Rough Slope.

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