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   Chapter 381 The War Went Bad

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One could be in the state of animalization without activating Spirit Possession. In this state, one could gain part of the power from the spirit-manipulated beast and could own part of the form or competence of his or her beast by stimulating the beast. Rocky had gotten a glimpse of Sheridan activating this technique before, and it was really creepy.

Rocky beyond doubt wished to stimulate the skill of animalization as soon as he could. However, Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill needed for animalization was one of the four excellent techniques in Wild Spirit Land. It's not as straightforward as falling off a log to possess oneself of the skill. It was just one to two months from the time when he began to practice Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill. To improve spiritual power one shall accumulate gradually and again break through, but to practice Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill was different. One shall engage in contemplation each level of Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill like mediate the wisdom in Buddhism. One could lift oneself from a level to another level only if one were in a brown study of the intelligence. To practice Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill was like this. Therefore, one could apprehend the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill in one day or one year. It depended on one's aptitude, which was like a root of wisdom that could lead one to the truth. If one didn't have the root of perceptiveness, even he devoted a whole life in practicing Mysterious Best Transformation Skill, it wouldn't bring to fruition. All the attempts would bear no fruit.

Rocky had established a spiritual power relationship between him and Rubygon, which was an incredibly positive result. If he recognized Rocky's accomplishment, Sheridan would be caught on the wrong foot. He spent one year in learning Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill to reach Rocky's current stage.

His progress would have been at the speed of light if he established the spiritual power connection with Uriah. Thus it could be regarded that he owned an extraordinary aptitude.

As customary, Rocky hunted around the whole forest along an arc-shaped route. He captured female spirit-manipulated beasts for Dark Heaven Insect Queen as he was collecting samples of spirit-manipulated beasts. If he was blessed with good luck, Rocky could fin

akening news, Lance's firm and steady face was also given a trepidation. The enemy's movement was extremely swift and without signaling.

"It says a turncoat opened our gate off our guard. So the ambushed Timber Deity Empire troops invaded..." Spirit manipulator who sent the message informed.

"A turncoat!" Lance was in high dudgeon with his hand clenched into a fist. Suddenly, the tables around him started to shudder like a leaf. There was a sound "Bang". An incense burner seemed couldn't withstand the pressure, distorted, and tumbled down on the ground.

Spirit manipulator was ahead of chilly perspiration. If one experienced this kind of pressure, there would be a uniform ending like that incense burner.

"How was the condition in Wild Heaven Pass?"

"Commander Ron is establishing a last-ditch defense. But the situation on the battlefield isn't going successfully. Among Timber Deity Empire troops, a few high-powered squads of spirit manipulators are giving assistance to them to attack our Pass; especially, there are a few manipulators of the Heavenly Stage..."

"Bring Commander Cheng here now!" After he grasped the condition of Wild Heaven Pass, Lance summoned Commander Cheng in a twinkle of an eye, and he ordered Commander Cheng to be in charge of Loyal Dragon Pass.

After a few words with Commander Cheng, Lance stepped out of the camp and stretched out his hands to activate the power. Instantly, there was a rumble sound in the sky like a thunder and next second, a crevice was ripped in the sky like a giant mouth of a monster.

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