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   Chapter 380 Making Quite A Lot Of Improvements

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Since Rocky broke into the first grade of the Heavenly Stage, his strength had been stirred up tremendously, which also meant that he made a significant leap in strength, compared to his previous strength at the Earthly Stage. Of course, the most critical reason for such an enhancement was due to that he got rid of the first layer of the sealing power inside his body, which was employed to seal the power of the Holy Dragon Bead. After that, he got back a small part of the evil power from the Holy Dragon Bead. Although it was only a small amount of power of the Bead, it had made his current strength into the first grade of the Heavenly Stage. What was more, his spiritual power was now equivalent to the second grade of the Heavenly Stage or even stronger than this level.

However, after another half a month's cultivation, Rocky also confirmed that the evil spiritual power from the Holy Dragon Bead in his body seemed difficult to be improved through cultivation. When he hunted in the peripheral forest of the Myriad Beasts Ground recently, relying on the unique sense of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, he had harvested a lot of exotic and rare treasures that could enhance a warrior's spiritual power. After refining and absorbing those treasures as well as the Dark Heaven Eggs produced by the Dark Heaven Insects he was breeding secretly, he noticed that the evil spiritual power in his body was yet not enhanced by a lot, or to be more exact, was even not advanced at all. Such a revelation gave him the hump.

On the other hand, with the same treasures, the spiritual power with the Fire nature inside his body had been without respite made progress, and it was now tantamount to the third or maybe fourth grade of the Earthly Stage.

The two utterly different phenomena made Rocky feel rather odd. After all, the two kinds of spiritual power had existed in his body at the same time. Why did the treasures have no enhancing effect on the evil spiritual power of the Holy Dragon Bead, but only on the spiritual power with the Fire nature?

Rocky observed for a while and racked his brains for the possible reason, but he couldn't figure out a piece of information. Somehow, he had a faint sneaking suspicion that this might be related to the spiritual power nature of the Holy Dragon Bead. He was cognizant that the Holy Dragon Bead's spiritual power was very evil, which was entirely different from the ordinary spiritual power and spiritual power with nature.

Every time he put to use the Holy Dragon Bead's evil spiritual power, he could have a sensation of his changes from inside out. Especially when using such power alone, he would become extraordinarily cold-blooded, just like he was possessed and bewitched by some kind of resentment and evil thought. Moreover, he became bloodthirsty. It would be an extremely strenuous task for him to stop killing as long as he saw a drop of blood as if he had been dragged into hell and became a devil. Once such power was overused, he felt that he would lose self-control, and then it would control him instead.

Therefore, he surmised that maybe, because the nature of the rar

ed speed. In the blink of an eye, they were lost out of Rocky's sight.

"What? You all just beat a hasty retreat like this?" Rocky grumbled. Meanwhile, he shrugged as if he was acquainted with such a situation. Then, casting his attention on the Rainbow Glow Unicorn and the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf who were watching like hawks behind him, he said, "Let's go." Then, he proceeded the hunting journey in the forest with his four beasts.

During the more than half a month in the forest, the physical condition of the Dark Heaven Insect Queen had significantly improved. It felt cozier in the forest. Because of the repeated absorption of large amounts of estrogen, its ovaries were getting better and better, and its egg breeding process was also very smooth. Rocky found that its belly was much bigger than before.

Besides, among the three Dark Heaven Insects, the two insects which used to be at the first grade of the three-star level now had risen to the second grade, which implied that he now had three Dark Heaven Insects at the second grade. The three insects could produce the medium Dark Heaven Eggs that were rare enough to make any spirit manipulator covet!

If the queen successfully produced eggs and its egg hatching success rate was advanced, then Rocky would have at least ten Dark Heaven Insects. By then, even the number of the Dark Heaven Insects in the Palace City of the Holy Dragon Empire couldn't exceed his. Moreover, as long as he had the queen, the number of his Dark Heaven Insects would be with no doubts increasing all the time.

Those were not the end of his recent gains. He had also made significant progress in cultivating the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill. Now he managed to build a bridge for spiritual power connection in Rubygon's body. Now he only had to imprint a mark on its spiritual source. If he finished that, then his Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill could reach the first stage, in which case he would be qualified to learn the unique secret skill described in the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill—the animalization!

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