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   Chapter 379 Tale

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"Commander in Chief, I've gotten wind of that the Timber Deity Empire's commander is one of their princesses. Is it true?" Dunn asked quite abruptly.

All the Commanders sitting in the room fixed their gaze to Lance, cudgeling their brains to figure out why a princess had such an exceptional leadership competence.

"It's said that this princess, Alyssa, has been sent to the spiritual race to study at a tender age. She is the same age as General Marcia, in her late 20s. And she also has reached the Divine Stage." Like most people, Lance had heard a lot about Alyssa but had never come face to face with her. There were all sorts of stories about her across the Wild Spirit Land. Lance heard the rumors and was curious about this foreign princess. Doubtless she was a force to be reckoned with. As the saying went, 'Even rumor is woven with a thread of truth'.

"Under 30, the Divine Stage?" Everyone in the room was stunned. They had never thought that the commander of the enemy was such a genius in both the leadership and cultivation.

"I guess the only one in the Wild Spirit Land who can compete with her is General Marcia." Lance nodded grimly.

Isis' hands clenched into fists and anger flashed across her cold eyes. She had a competitive nature and a desire to be the best. Losing to Alyssa this time was her biggest shame!

"This princess is said to be the military genius of the century. She covertly conducted many battles against other countries in the past several years. The king of the Timber Deity Empire has established an enormous tenderness for her. It's awe inspiring how she behaved in the fight against the Crimson Dragon Army. She backed us into a corner. She indeed lives up to her reputation," Lance said staunchly. Latching on to something was half the battle. Whoever had an inclination to succeed had to evaluate their rivals on the beam.

"Father, will you send support to the Loyal Dragon Pass? If so, I wish to lead the troop," Isis said to Lance. She was extremely proud as a peacock and defeat by Alyssa was too bitter pill to swallow.

"For now, we yet have heavy turn up at the Frozen River Pass. We have to tread cautiously. Every move of our main army we make now should be heedful. For safety's sake, we require to concentrate on

ou to keep their meeting strictly confidential. Actually, I've also gotten wind something on the trip back to the Imperial City." Lance nodded, a cunning glimmer in his eyes.

"What?" Isis asked curiously, having knowledge it had something to do with Rocky.

"I'm not very free from doubt of it yet. I will have to communicate with Sabina first. I will tell you then." Then Lance strode off.

Lance and other three commanders left the Frozen River Pass for the Loyal Dragon Pass that afternoon with ten thousand soldiers.

At the same time something was taking place in the peripheral forest of the Myriad Beasts Ground.

"Burn!" Red and black flames shot up with startling ferocity. Fire licked everything like a hungry kitten with a saucer of milk and then broke into a shower of fire pouring down over the ground, turning the grass, shrubs and trees to ashes in the blink of an eye.

Then some hell on earth screams rang out.

Among several huge trees stood Rocky, Uriah and Rubygon. In front of them was nearly eight Corrupt Hounds, all two or three-star beast. These Corrupt Hounds were drooling corrosive saliva from their mouth, reeking of vomit and excrement, keeping a weather eye, hanging on.

On the ground between them and Rocky were several charred bodies.

Rocky would have spun and go like a bat out of hell at the first sight of so many Corrupt Hounds before. But now he was competent to maintain his poise and encounter them. Now these Corrupt Hounds were the ones who were scared stiff.

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