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   Chapter 378 A Terrible Trap

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This was just a starting point. Any spur of the moment in the battlefield could result in suffering the destruction of the whole game, the one that can determine all subsequent paths. Armies of Timber Deity Empire cracked down thirty thousand armies of Crimson Dragon Group, but they merely lost half of their armies. For Crimson Dragon Group, the troops they lost were their essential force, the most excellent contending force brought by Isis from Crimson Dragon Group. The most magnificent fighting force was damaged severely, while their rival's forces only lost half. Under this circumstance, it was an enormous setback to Crimson Dragon Group and blew a hole in their self-confidence.

Now Crimson Dragon Group only had over thirty thousand forces defending the frontier and proceeded in going into tailspin workforce created menace in defense. Crimson Dragon Group seemed to be crystal clear more not up to scratch in defense.

In contrary, after bringing the thirty thousand armies of Crimson Dragon Group to their knees, Timber Deity Empire repositioned and reestablished their troops and left for the frontier again. Timber Deity Empire started the balls rolling ferocious attack toward Crimson Dragon Group and repressed them. It seemed Timber Deity Empire was going to break through their defensive line and invade Holy Dragon Empire.

Isis utilized all her efforts to deploy the troops and all strategies she knew to defend. But it was too late.

Alyssa didn't let them have any breathing time for Crimson Dragon Group. She guided to break up the left line of Crimson Dragon Group and gripped hold of the fort in left defensive line quickly like a bullet out of a gun. Timber Deity Empire beat off the troops of Crimson Dragon Group one by one. In the outcome, the left defensive line was crushed down in a few days.

After losing the left defensive line, the frontier was made encroachments on by twenty thousand troops of Timber Deity Empire. It's a stroke of luck that Isis had hazard an assumption the villain's movement and evacuated their troops at night. Crimson Dragon Group kept ambushing them when Timber Deity Empire was pursuing them. Timber Deity Empire lost a few thousand soldiers, but their main troops were safe and sound unhurt. Crimson Dragon Group was still at a monkey wrench in the works.

To safeguard their existing fighting force, Isis had to back off the right defensive line. Later, the right defensive forces converged with other main force led by Isis. There were only twenty thousands of troops left until that moment.

Timber Deity Empire occupied the whole frontier. The front line, the civilian neighborhood along the frontier, had turned into the left desolate playground of war. Guilt-free people were caused suffering to by the war,

r Deity Empire are too proud as a lion when passion-stirred and overestimate themselves. They think Crimson Dragon Group will throw in the sponge only if they assail us!" One Elite Commander said and was rudely awakened by the performance of Timber Deity Empire. Timber Deity Empire's movement indicated they belittled the Holy Dragon Empire.

Other Commanders nodded. It suggested that they couldn't get to grips their enemy looked down upon them.

"It was my responsibility that Crimson Dragon Group was caught in a tight corner. If I weren't so scatterbrained and hadn't taken heed of the trap made by Timber Deity Empire, Crimson Dragon Group wouldn't suffer the enormous destruction. Our frontier was also broken through, and we lost part of our territory. We have to withdraw into the Passes." Isis lay the accountability on herself. Since she suffered a considerable loss, she had self-condemnation for her action.

"It's not Deputy Commander in Chief's accountability. Commander of Timber Deity Empire is more powerful than we imagine," Marin said, seeking to bestow a pardon to Isis.

Commanders started to communicate in muted tones and implied to have some comments. Even they had some opinions, they didn't have the audacity to speak in public. They knew that resourceful Isis was no match for Commander in Chief of Timber Deity Empire, let alone themselves.

"We underestimated their power and intention this time, so we suffered a great loss. In the following action, we shall be restrained. The same blunder shall never be made again!" Lance certainly was conscious that his daughter's incompetence did not cause the significant loss, but the superiority and ambition of Commander in Chief of Timber Deity Empire. Or, Timber Deity Empire wouldn't forward their position under a disadvantage condition and trapped Crimson Dragon Group.

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