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   Chapter 377 Falling Into The Trap

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"Is this a cloak and dagger mission? The only possible person who let you conduct a secret mission is General Marcia. Is it General Marcia who assigned you to find Rocky?" Isis was as cunning as a fox and could speedily get the significant point even though Sabina didn't say anything. But if her conjecture was right, more questions came subsequently. Why did General Marcia make up her mind to let her apprentice find Rocky? What was the relationship between Rocky and General Marcia?

Isis didn't have a clue of the answer at the moment. The appearance of Sabina made the identification of Rocky more unfathomable.

"I don't care about whatever you guess. But I have my ways to locate him even if you don't tell me," Sabina said, struggling to cover up her reaction. She was at a loss for words. She didn't expect that Isis would guess right so quickly.

"It gives me the impression of you not knowing his name yet," Isis said, her heart filled with aplomb, inferring that winding up from Sabina's voice.

"So what? I can locate him anyway," Sabina said nonchalantly.

"His name is Rocky Bai, the captain of the transportation squad in the logistic camp. But he is tight-lipped about his movement and tracks. You might not spot him in the logistic camp. I know he is not there now," Isis said after thinking for a second.

"Thank you." Sabina to a slight extent, acknowledged Isis and turned around to take her leave.

Isis' eyes darkened immediately as Sabina left. She called a bodyguard and let him send a message to Louis of the logistic camp, asserting that let Louis inform her when Rocky came back to the logistic camp.

"What is the true identity of Rocky? How did he be on a friendly footing with General Marcia?" Isis spoke in a hushed tone to herself, eyebrows knitted together.

In the main camp of the Timber Deity Empire, Alyssa just received the message that the strong squad she had sent to intercept the army provisions of the Crimson Dragon Group was captured by them, so she looked very gloomy now. And the commanders present didn't pluck up the courage to make a sound.

The Timber D

as rarely seen.

The death of one Elite Commander and three Frontline Commanders was an extensive attack to the Crimson Dragon Group. It was extremely late for Isis to make atonement for the damage. It was her negligence that let the Crimson Dragon Army stuck in such a situation.

Isis didn't lead the squad this time, so she didn't perceive that the right-wing defense line of the Timber Deity Empire was thus a straightforward target because most of the soldiers defending the line had already been pulled out when they advanced the defense line earlier.

The army of the Timber Deity Empire had advanced their right-wing defense line to deceive Isis into thinking that the army of the Timber Deity Empire was simply bluffing. But literally, Alyssa had already deployed her soldiers secretly and stuck around for the Crimson Dragon Army to go into her trap.

If Isis had led the army herself this time, she might have discovered the trap designed by Alyssa. The thirty thousand main force of the Crimson Dragon Army became heady over the consecutive victories, so they didn't take heed that they were entering the trap of the enemy.

Alyssa was gifted in implementing military tactics and had novel ideas. She took advantage of the headiness of the Crimson Dragon Army and designed this trap to cajole the Crimson Dragon Army into lack of success.

Compared to Alyssa, Isis was not experienced enough.

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