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   Chapter 376 Tasked With Protecting Rocky

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Initially, this appealing beauty wasn't merely the apprentice of Marcia, one of Three Great Generals of Holy Dragon Empire, but again was Sabina, the second daughter of Ji Clan, who was one of the famous manipulator clans in Holy Dragon Empire and was second only to Ximen Clan.

Ten years ago, Sabina was well known in the Holy Dragon Empire. With a robust family background, Sabina was born with the outstanding manipulator blood of Ji Clan. At the age of thirteen, she inherited dragon spiritual power and turned into a royal spirit manipulator. Her mind-blowing aptitudes stood out even among the Ji Clan, who was brimming with talented people. Members from other manipulator clans were doomed to commend her. They had the hot spot for her. Even Bryant, leader of Ximen Clan, pampered her with compliments.

At that time, only Isis was pointed out in the same breath with Sabina. Nobody else could contrast with her. She was in a class of her own.

Isis was also extensively acknowledged as a gifted lady. With startling beauty and intelligence, she had high propensities of spirit manipulator and was bestowed with civil and martial virtues. All officers in the Holy Dragon Empire thought highly of her, and the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire also had a soft spot for her.

So, people always conversed about them and compared Sabina with Isis.

These two ladies, ecstatic with femme fatale and full of life, had all the favor bestowed by God, and everyone in the Holy Dragon Empire was thrilled about them. However, they were too young too naive at that time and more too big for their boots than others wrapped in cotton wool, rich young ladies. Both of them were very sensitive to the outside piece of chitchat. Hearing there was one who was better than herself, each of them was unenthusiastic to the second talented lady in the empire.

So these two young ladies were ill-matched as fire and water. Each time they floundered across each other, a ferocious combat was bound to take effect, and neither of them felt hesitant to show the white flag.

In this manner, they had the first went the knuckle, the second, the third... In the outcome, they fought for five years. But no disharmony, no concord. Afterwards, although they assaulted each other for a while each time they bumped into each other, their relationship became closer. They established a close bond of warm sisterly feelings. The dis

's hold our horses and lay our eyes on it!" Isis pursed her mouth and beamed to herself. Her smirk was one of happiness growing, much as a spring flower opened. One could see how it came from deep inside to light her eyes and spread into every part of her.

Sabina took out a picture and put it in front of Isis.

Seeing this picture, Isis was frozen for a while. She stood gormless as a guppy. She recognized it was Rocky in the picture, although he looked younger in the picture.

"He is the person you are looking for?" Isis asked with a source of perplexity. It sounded to be unattainable, like drawing blood from a stone, that there was any connection between Sabina and Rocky. Why is Sabina searching desperately for Rocky with his picture? There were lots of lack of certainty in her mind.

"Is there any thorn in one's side?" catching a glimpse of Isis' out of the common expression, Sabina asked.

"Why do you have an inclination to search for him?" Isis pursued.

"I have nothing to reveal to you about this. You just grant me the information I need. Tell me where he is," Sabina responded with a cold frame of mind.

"Okay, fine. You go to locate him by yourself," Isis shrugged, and she wouldn't tell Sabina where Rocky was if Sabina didn't inform her of the reason. Isis also fathomed that there should have some relationship between Rocky's confidential background and Sabina's showing up.

"I literally couldn't inform you," Sabina said and exposed helpless eyes. Marcia, her master, had given the low-down to her not to let others perceive that she came to keep him from harm.

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