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   Chapter 375 A Cold Tone

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Seeing that they were no longer in danger after retreating for several hours, Commander Sun from the Timber Deity Empire ordered everybody to have a rest on the spot. It was apparent that he was still upset. As per Alyssa's order, he had slipped into the rear area of the Crimson Dragon Army with a small scale mobile unit in order to intercept the supply of provisions and fodders of the Crimson Dragon Army. However, he hadn't successfully intercepted any provisions and fodders till now. What made him extra annoyed, though, was that the transportation team of the Crimson Dragon Army had disappeared under his nose for several times. This issue was not acceptable because there weren't many people in the transportation team, so his mobile unit should have been enough to deal with them.

The situation was truly horrible because even when things started to get better, something weird happened. When Commander Sun finally figured out the route that the transportation team had taken, he and the mobile unit were attacked by a group of wild spirit-manipulated beasts that seemed to appear out of the blue. As a result, they had not only failed to intercept the provisions and fodders transported by the Crimson Dragon Army, but also lost their own provisions and fodders. All of their provisions and fodders had been burned when they began retreating. Maybe they could not hold up for even one day.

"Sir, what should we do next?" the deputy commander asked.

"What else can we do when we don't even have enough people to deal with a group of wild beasts? Of course we should retreat to our own territory as soon as possible. I'm already tired of staying at this desolate place," Commander Sun answered in a discontented tone while spitting out a lot of curses.

"Commander, bad news, bad news!" a spirit manipulator shouted while running here quickly from the rear of the unit. Panic was all over his face.

"Oh, dear God! What else happened?" Commander Sun asked, staring at the spirit manipulator with attentive eyes.

"Oh, well... A group... A group of wild spirit-manipulated beasts are in their way towards us again," the spirit manipulator answered while gasping for air.

"Perfect! Just when I thought things could not possibly get worse!" Commander Sun's face was drained of color in an instant. When he immediately raised his head to look out, he could see a group of beasts running quickly towards them from the rear of the unit. 'Oh my God! They are really close!'

"What the hell is going on?" Commander Sun complained. He was panicking and about to go crazy.

"Sir..." The deputy command

th her head held high, as she barged into the tent. She looked as arrogant as a queen, and gave out the aura of a senior spirit manipulator.

The woman was Marcia's disciple, who had been dispatched by her master to protect Rocky. It seemed that she was an old acquaintance of Isis.

As soon as Isis saw the woman, a glimmer of surprise flashed across her eyes. However, she did a great job hiding it, and ordered the guard to leave.

The guard bowed respectfully to her and left right away.

"Why did you come here?" Isis asked while looking the woman in the eye. It seemed that she wasn't very happy to see her.

"I came to deal with something. By the way, I can see an old friend in you," the woman answered in a soft voice.

"An old friend? I think it's more proper to refer to me as an old rival," Isis said coldly, as if she had had some conflict against the woman.

"Why are you still holding all this grudge? After all, it has really been a long while since it happened," the woman asked while rolling her arrogant eyes.

"No, I am not holding any grudge at all," Isis said despite the apparent grievance in her eyes that were fixated on the woman.

"You needn't try to deny it. Nobody knows you better than I do, given that we have been fighting against each other since our childhood!" The woman suddenly burst into a beautiful smile as if an iceberg had melted.

"Oh, and should I feel honored to be known well by the second daughter of the honorable Ji Clan?" Isis continued to speak in a sarcastic tone after giving a sneer.

"I'm no longer the second daughter of the Ji Clan. I'm not at all related to the Ji Clan," said the woman. She regained the cold tone as soon as she heard Isis mention the Ji Clan.

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