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   Chapter 374 Repeated A Stock Trick

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Ever since the Rough Slope was hemmed in, the transportation squad of the logistic camp was put on a back burner incessantly by the guerrilla squad from the Timber Deity Empire. The guerrilla squad attacked from nowhere and ceased to be visible soon enough without any inkling to trace them. The transportation of the provisions and other supplies to the front line was thus stranded from time to time. Typically, the fighting capacity of the force, which was in charge of interception, would not be that dynamic as the spirit of the storm. The number of its members was also insignificant. But their ability of movement was mind-blowing. The small team could withdraw themselves as swift as a streak of lightning after the attack.

'Hmm... Let's get a glimpse of how you are going to show a clean pair of heels again this time.' Rocky curved his lips for an evil smile as his eyes gleamed with an excellent plan to deal with this traceless small team. He grinned viciously, but it refused to reach his flickering eyes. Rocky got wind that the transportation squad of the logistic camp was beleaguered by the interception from a traceless guerrilla team of the Timber Deity Empire. The small team often showed up without warning and exchanged blows before they vanished from sight at a breakneck speed. He asked Louis to transmit a message to Isis, in which he pled with her to dispatch a reconnaissance squad to the sections where the interception used to take place. The reconnaissance squad would assemble every bit of information left by the guerrilla team of the Timber Deity Empire from those spots. Then, they had to evaluate the information thoroughly before they predicted the possible spectrum of active venues based on the information they compiled and scrutinized.

Last night, Rocky dispatched the Carrier Beast to the logistic camp to inquire Louis about the progress of the surveillance. The reconnaissance squad was more labor-saving than his prediction. They had already arrived to a conclusion about the active venues of the guerrilla squad of the Timber Deity Empire for the past ten days. So Louis sent the result of their analysis to Rocky through the Carrier Beast. It did not take long for him to dope out the possible hidden location of the guerrilla squad based on the information he received. It was the secluded basin land in front of him.

After all, he was filled with aplomb as a bird committing itself to the air or a great fish to the deep. That no one perceived the topography of this region could outplay him!

After the hideout of the guerrilla squad was smoked out, Rocky arranged the Carrier Beast in a dash to dispatch a message to Isis in the main camp in the frontline. Then, he lavished no time to open the Magic Spiritual Space to release a gigantic Dark Heaven Insect Queen.

As the Dark Heaven Insect Queen trundled on the ground, many beast figures showed up on the spot from all directions. More and more beasts kept coming into view from far and near. In the flicker of an eye, there were thirty to forty wild spirit-manipulated beasts clustered around the Dark Heaven Insect Queen. Most of the wild spirit-manipulated beasts were of one to two stars, some of them were of three stars. They gave out a death stare fie

handle would only be around twenty. The remaining wild spirit-manipulated beasts still rampaged around to assault the panicky soldiers who fled in all directions.

Even it was the lowest grade of the wild spirit-manipulated beast, it would knock the stuffing out for a common soldier. The outcome was not optimistic even in the situation of a hundred ordinary soldiers versus just one single wild spirit-manipulated beast. It would be very back-breaking to succeed in combat under this situation since there were less than a score of spirit manipulators in the guerrilla squad. The price would be too painful even if they struggled to deal with the horde of the wild spirit-manipulated beasts.

The death toll of the soldiers had escalated to one to two hundred until now. And the number was advancing...

"Commander Sun, I guess we'd better withdraw from this valley. We would not be able to put a conclusion or be invulnerable to the fatally attack even if we hung on. We cannot manage to lose more soldiers. Our camps, together with our provisions and other supplies, were all reduced to ashes. It won't do us any good if we struggle on..." One of the Deputy Commander retreated himself in thrown off balance to the side of the Commander Sun.

"Damn it!" Commander Sun grit his teeth wrathfully as he could not reconcile himself to the browbeating of a horde of wild spirit-manipulated beasts. But he did not seem to have other possible courses of action at the moment. He required to get rid of the herd. So he waved his hand as he commanded, "Everybody, fall back! We don't have to belittle ourselves to overcome the contending with these herd of wild beasts..."

Soon enough, the guerrilla squad was constrained to retreat from the basin valley towards the southwest direction. They put on their best leg to get rid of the bunch of the crazy wild beasts that still remained there abusing the corpse at the campsite.

Rocky had sent the Dark Heaven Insect Queen back to the Magic Spiritual Space. He summoned Uriah back right away. He and the four beasts trod on the heels the guerrilla squad of the Timber Deity Empire who just evacuated from the basin valley.

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