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   Chapter 373 A Real Treasure

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8500

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After Rocky prepared everything he needed for this trip, he started off with the four beasts and the Carrier Beast, heading for the northwest.

His object of the exercise along the way was female spirit-manipulated beasts, so he just required to go to the places where spirit-manipulated beasts often became noticeable to find his target. Because of that, he didn't have a particular destination for this trip.

Apart from the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf, the three beasts—Uriah, Rubygon, and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn—often worked collectively to browbeat the wild spirit-manipulated beasts around the logistic camp. Thus, they were thoroughly acquainted in hunting. Thanks to the three of them, Rocky easy-peasy like falling off a log got many female spirit-manipulated beasts without any trouble hardships or efforts.

Meanwhile, Rocky's essential job was to take out the corpses' organs, which secreted the female hormone, for the insect queen.

At first, the insect queen gave the thumbs down to indulge them. What it ate usually was soil, after all. Facing the bloody "dessert," it could not get to grips with it at all. Because of that, Rocky was forced to include some magical saliva to its "dessert" to dangle a carrot in front of it to eat them. After it had tasted some of them, it gradually got accustomed to the flavor.

They hunted for a day and saw no more wild spirit-manipulated beasts nearby came out in the night. Then Rocky led the five beasts into a grove and shortly discovered a hushed as the lighting of a fly on a feather-duster place and secret spot suitable for them to take a breather, which was flat and surrounded by rocks. After setting up a conflagration, Rocky put a message on the Carrier Beast and sent it flying to Louis.

Uriah, Rubygon, and the Rainbow Glow Unicorn were all worn to a frazzle because they had the sweat of their brow the entire day. Now that they ultimately could have breathing space, they sat cheek by jowl and played with the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf.

Sitting beside the bonfire, Rocky took out the book titled "Demonic Fire Codex." The spiritual martial arts in this book was for the Heavenly Stage spirit manipulators to cultivate. Because his strength didn't qualify before, he didn't have the guts to read this book at all. But now he, at last, arrived at the Heavenly Stage, and he could start learning the spiritual martial arts in this book without giving a fret.

Rocky opened the book and commenced reading thoughtfully. It merely took him an hour to accomplish r

rrow from a bow to break the seal on his Holy Dragon Bead.

Rocky soon commenced cultivating the spiritual martial arts in the Demonic Fire Codex.

The cultivation method in the Demonic Fire Codex was called the "Demonic Fire Skill." The cultivation grade of this skill varied from the first to the ninth. One could get the hang of a type of Fire spiritual martial arts each time when reaching the first, the third, the sixth, and the ninth grade. The four were Destroying Fire, Fire Dragon, Fire Sea, and Raging Inferno.

After the night passed, Rocky had become proficient in the first grade of the Demonic Fire Skill and the first type of Fire spiritual martial arts—Destroying Fire.

At daylight, it was sticking out a mile to be seen that half of the grove, where they had recharged their batteries last night, had suffered a conflagration. Black tree trunks and the scorched earth formed a spine chilling picture.

When Rocky was about to reestablish his journey with the four beasts, the Carrier Beast that he dispatched a message to the logistic camp came back. And there was a note inside the tiny paper tube tied to its foot.

Rocky took out the note to have a fixed gaze. As reading the note, his lips curved upward slightly. With the Carrier Beast on his shoulder, he headed for the east with the four beasts.

After half a day, Rocky and the five beasts found a trench. That was a secret spot which was enveloped by three cliffs and a thick grove. This was really an excellent place to conceal themselves. Without a conscientious exploration, practically nobody would find this trench.

Soon Rocky found an army of the Timber Deity Empire which had encamped in there.

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