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   Chapter 372 Genetic Sequence

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"Is there any damage that has occurred?" inquired Rocky with his eyes squinting.

"Thanks to your roadmap, our transportation squads could withdraw in time and evade the unnecessary loss. But it nevertheless influences the supplies for the frontier. We are cudgeling our brains about how to cope with it. Captain Rocky, since you are here, we'd like to hear your advice..." Louis asked like a praying nun.

"How many enemies are there?" Rocky rubbed his chin, trying to come up with a solution, switching on his mind to explore innovative and profound answers to the complications and asked.

"Around three thousand," replied Louis.

"How long have they been driving us round the twist?" Rocky nodded and proceeded to seek information.

"They have started to drive us round the bend since Rough Slope was beleaguered. But there was a burgeoning number in interception later. So we haven't accompanied the army provisions and supplies to frontier safely for a few days..." Louis gave a wild guess and answered back.

"It looks like Timber Deity Empire is crystal clear about our transportation roadmap now." Rocky was contemplative. His roadmap could effectively ward off the interception of Timber Deity Troops but couldn't prevent their provocation, specifically when the enemy was straightforward about their transportation lines.

"Did you address this to Deputy Commander in Chief?" Rocky mulled over and sought.

"We have already informed this. However, Timber Deity Troops are untraceable and vanish from sight quickly like a bullet out of a gun. It's a tough like shoe leather problem," Louis responded.

"No matter how they are untraceable, they will still leave behind a trace. Please tell Deputy Commander in Chief..." After contemplating for a while, Rocky moved close to Louis' ear and whispered to him.

Louis nodded along with Rocky.

"I see. I will deliver messages to Deputy Commander in Chief immediately." Louis felt relieved after hearing what Rocky said as if they got an outstanding approach to handle the prevailing dilemma.

"I will send you my plan in detail, but I require a few days to prepare. So, please take care if there is something else..." Rocky said to Louis.

"I understand... I hope you bring a Carrier Beast so that I could contact you anytime," Louis

"I should walk Dark Heaven Insect Queen for a while and get rid of the annoying flies of Timber Deity Empire..." After concluding the work in the lab, Rocky started to pull off his plan.

Since Dark Heaven Insect Queen was pregnant, it was incubating eggs that could hatch larvae of Dark Heaven Insect. The more female hormone was retaliating for the Queen to excite ovary and give a facelift to the breeding environment so that larvae could grow vigorous.

At present, the best procedure to get more female hormones was to bring it for hunting all kinds of female beasts and get the female hormone from them.

Rocky got gird up his loins and left for the nest. In the nest, he opened the Magic Spiritual Space and lulled Dark Heaven Insect Queen and three Dark Heaven Insects into it. By sheer luck, he owned strong Holy Dragon Bead power. He could open Magic Spiritual Space by the power of the first grade of the Heavenly Stage, which could contend with Magic Spiritual Space made by the spirit manipulator of the Supernal Stage.

For one ordinary spirit manipulator of the first grade of the Heavenly Stage, their Magic Spiritual Space was a hard nut to crack to hold one Dark Heaven Insect, not mention three ones and a queen.

Thus it could be seen how influential the power of the Holy Dragon Bead was. Moreover, Rocky just unlocked the first layer of seal on the power of the Bead, not mention that all of nine layers of seal were unlocked. No one could have conjured up how powerful it would be and what would crop up.

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