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   Chapter 371 An Unexposed Talent

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The commanders present were caught on a hop by what they had gotten wind of. Yet, they thought it was the two Commanders' fault that the twenty thousand soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire were pulled a fast one by their rival. Considering the two's qualifications, they shouldn't have fallen into such a trap. How could they be that unguarded?

Those commanders didn't engage in the fight against Rocky, after all, so they had no single clue about how panic striking he was.

"Commander Zhou, do you perceive who worked out all these schemes? I know it's like drawing blood from a turnip for it to be Commander Marin. She is good, but still green. The one who can figure out those schemes is very calculating and so excellent at analyzing situation and enemy's feebleness. The only people I can think of who conforms to all the characters in the Crimson Dragon Group is Lance Liu, their Commander in Chief. But according to the intelligence, Lance had already headed for the Imperial City before we blockaded the Rough Slope. It's not him. Then who is this person? Is there anybody else in the Crimson Dragon Group who can be that good as gold and talented? Except for Isis Liu, their present leader," Alyssa guessed with bewilderment. She was in a need-to-know situation. It's like her brain cells had been randomized. This person's appearance was utterly out of her expectation. To her intelligence, there was no such talent in the Crimson Dragon Group, excluding Lance and Isis. After some brown studying, she concluded that the person was eminently possible to be Isis, her most prominent opponent while she was filled with aplomb that she could deal with Isis.

Commander Zhou took a trip down memory lane the man who took Commander Zuo's head invading their army after a while. Yet everything was in pandemonium and so noisy as a flock of crow-blackbirds in the migration season then, so he didn't hear clear when Marin called Rocky's name. He felt sorry for that.

"Is that so?" Alyssa's face looked sullen slightly.

"Yes! And that man looked very young." Commander Zhou nodded.

"None of their members, whose positions are in or above Commander in the Crimson Dragon Group, are at the early twenties. Even among their Deputy Commanders, there is nobody at such age." Alyssa was trying to figure out who could be the man. She had a gift for learning by rote. And she already got some information and intelligence about those, whose positions were in or above Deputy Commander in the Crimson Dragon Group

must be a bright future behind them as long as they followed him.

Rocky frowned a little as seeing more and more people came around him. Before the crowd tightly encircled him, he strode through them and walked into Louis' tent. The purpose he came back to the logistic camp was to notice Louis before he began his next plan.

While Louis was sitting with the Deputy Camp Director and two captains as if debating something.

"Captain Rocky!" Louis' eyes lit up as soon as he saw Rocky's coming. The delight was unmistakable on his face as he stood up and greeted Rocky. He was thrilled as a shark in a shoal of sea bream. Rocky saved the northeast army out of harm's way and helped them guard the Rough Slope, so Louis believed that his logistic camp would likewise get praised from above. Louis was a newly appointed Camp Director. After he took office, Rocky had made impressive achievements twice in one month. Now Louis had considered Rocky as his lucky star. And he also understood why the Deputy Commander in Chief attached that importance to Rocky.

The Deputy Camp Director and the two captains, however, turned grim-faced. They already had a problem with Rocky when he won the logistic camp the second-class merit because of a map and a new transportation way he discovered. And this time, Rocky even finished an insurmountable task which secured him a greater honor. Intense jealousy was burning inside their chests.

"Captain Rocky! It's so good to see you come back! We are discussing the issue that our food transportation often gets intercepted by our enemy," Louis said to Rocky reverently when he led him to a seat, as if Rocky was the Camp Director.

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