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   Chapter 370 Who Was The Man

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7300

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"Rocky, if you continue acting like that, I will be short with you." Isis was a little bent out of shape. But Rocky made tremendous contributions this time. Then she cooled down and spoke as tenderly as she could, "It was thanks to you this time that we could hold the Rough Slope and safeguard our main force."

"Commander Marin led the army with brilliant tactics and delayed the speed of the army of the Timber Deity Empire, which is the most critical reason we won the battle. I just did what I should do," Rocky said with a shrewd smile. His smile shined like the stars in the sky.

"Give yourself some credit. If you hadn't murdered the Commander of the Timber Deity Empire and slashed the military morale of the enemy, we wouldn't have had such a great chance. And all the tactics were proposed by you. Compared to you, I did very little. I don't deserve to be the Commander. I suppose I should identify someone who is as competent as you to replace me," Marin said with a chip on her shoulder tone, rolling her eyes at Rocky.

"It's none of my business whether you are the Commander or not," Rocky said coldly to Marin, turning a blind eye to her boiling resentment. He didn't get worked up about such thing at all. What he merely wanted was that no problem came to him.

"Do you literally need to be so mean? You are so narrow-minded!" Marin retorted, perceiving that Rocky irritated her on purpose. It was as if she had swallowed that anger when it was a fire-seed and forgotten to drink something cool, and so it grew in her belly until it came out as hot as any dragon had ever flamed. She opened her eyes wide, and her cheeks were pink, looking very cute.

"Well, both of you performed well this time. As for the rewards, we will converse about it later. We now shattered the plan of the Timber Deity Empire, but I assume they will try every means to retaliate against us. So we should be vigilant and can't lower our guard. But we managed to hold the Rough Slope and triumphantly killed the leading Commander of the Timber Deity Empire. It is a tremendous strike for them. What's more, their whole plan has been disrupted by us, which is a precarious problem for

past Commander Zhou's neck.

Seeing that, the commanders at present broke into a cold sweat of fear.

A strand of hair dropped on the ground and a blood trail appeared on Commander Zhou's neck. He would have been dead by now if the cut were a little deeper.

The sword dropped on the ground with a loud sound.

"If killing you could make up for this failure, I would finish your life without delay," Alyssa said, clenching her teeth. She thought her plan was flawless and would have given a horrendous beating to the Crimson Dragon Group. But the result was the opposite. The Crimson Dragon Group had been reinforced and would definitely take this opportunity to take the initiative and attack the battlefront of the Timber Deity Empire.

"Thanks for sparing my life, Princess," Commander said with gratitude.

"Tell me what happened from the Crimson Dragon Group delivering the army provisions to you being defeated by their reinforcement. I want the details. So I can figure out what exactly led to the failure," Alyssa said to Commander Zhou coldly in her seat.

Commander Zhou nodded immediately and started to elaborate on the process.

Alyssa's expression grew severe as she listened. She had made it clear that the one who had come up with the tactics could manipulate Commander Zuo and Commander Zhou's minds easily.

'Who on earth is this man that had such novel ideas?' Alyssa thought, keen interest blazing in her cold eyes.

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