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   Chapter 369 Marry Me

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"Commander Marin, was Commander of Timber Deity Empire really executed by Rocky?" Isis' calm face was like the breast of a lake when the loud wind was laid, shock registered on her face before she could hide it when she heard the man who killed Commander of Timber Deity Empire and brought down Timber Deity Empire was Rocky.

Marin nodded to Isis in noncommittal expression. Her eyes were also full of bafflement. It was unmistakable that she even was hesitant about Rocky's competence. She couldn't believe that Rocky had progressed so much.

"All of you leave us alone. I demand to have a confidential dialogue with Commander Marin..." After a second of halt, Isis told Commanders.

Commanders looked at each other in ambiguity and then bowed and left.

"Marin, judging from his competence, Rocky couldn't kill Commander of Timber Deity Empire, who is of the Heavenly Stage by himself. How could he do that? How could he execute a Commander of the Heavenly Stage?" Isis asked Marin after everyone left.

"I didn't see that myself, either. Spirit manipulators who were along with Rocky said that something perplexing happened on Rocky at that time," Marin said seriously.

"Peculiar thing? What is it?" Isis asked curiously.

"At that moment, Rocky released dark spiritual power when he was in the most precarious situation. At that juncture, Rocky became very vigorous and outstripped the first grade of the Heavenly Stage. Then, he killed Commander of Timber Deity Empire," Marin said in a bemused voice.

"The first grade of the Heavenly Stage? How on earth could it be... His power was only the eighth grade of the Earthly Stage in the contest." Isis was also shocked. Her brain was desperately scrambling to make sense of it all. "I never heard that one could emit dark spiritual power. Dark power shall belong to the royal spirit manipulators. How could it be feasible that he emitted the dark power?"

"I also feel weird. But all of the soldiers, along with Rocky, said this. There is a possibility that the soldiers had illusion since it was dark at that time. However, Rocky easily like counting the blossoms on a century plant withstood an attack launched by another third grade of the Heavenly Stage Commander of Timber Deity Empire when he went to save me with the chopped-off head. I didn't feel anything wide off the mark since the condition on the battleground was exceedingly demanding. Judging from this, Rocky was indeed odd, and his eyes were extraordinary at that time..." Marin found it was hard to explain the situation. In app

Isis, rolling her eyes. She looked at Marin shell-shocked.

"There is no way that I can tell he is joking with this. Now, he has rescued Rough Slope. Am I going to..." Marin said in rue.

"Leave him alone. He lied to you first. Don't be on a tenterhook. I will teach him a lesson when I meet him next time," Isis said. Anger boiled deep in her system, as hot as lava. It churned within, hungry for destruction.

"Deputy Commander in Chief, are you going to teach me a lesson?" A joking voice was saying outside of the camp. Later, a man came in.

Both Isis and Marin turned their heads and found it was Rocky. He strode in calmly with a look of indifference.

"You, such a perjurer! How dare you to come and see us..." Marin retorted, making a fist with her hand as if she was going to punch on Rocky.

"How dare you, Rocky! How dare you to take advantage of Marin, my cousin! I will teach you a lesson!" Isis was boiling with anger, too, as if she wouldn't let Rocky go scot-free.

"I'm going to take off and come to say goodbye to Commander Marin. I have brought Verdanim back." Rocky frowned and turned away after concluding his words, despite the fact that two women were gawking at him. Their eyes rest, not unblinking but slowed, yet the effect was soft and inviting instead of harsh.

"Hold on!" Both Marin and Isis shouted on top of their voices when seeing Rocky was about to leave.

"You don't want me to go? Or both of you want to marry me?" Rocky stated in an evil voice and joking expression grew on his face.

Both Marin and Isis gave him angry stares hearing what he said.

In this world, only Rocky dared to play a joke with these two women with background and influence.

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