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   Chapter 367 Extremely Powerful (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6559

Updated: 2020-02-12 00:12

Deep in Rocky's heart, a compelling solution had occurred to him long before. And he was conscious it would doubtless work because he was pretty certain that there was invariably one thing to overpower another. But the obstacle was that, his strategy had a premise that the Dark Heaven Insect Queen needs to be pregnant. However, he was somehow not confident about the time when it would get pregnant. So he had been cooling his heels all this way for the timing to start his plan. Now that the Dark Heaven Insect Queen was showing evident signals of pregnancy. Then this was the splendid time for his plan to be executed out.

In Rocky's plan, the initial step to do was to repair the Queen Dark Zerg's ovarian and to maintain it in a satisfactory state. To do so, the most influential thing to do was to get lots of estrogens into its body. And due to the limits of the current technology, there was no way to make artificial estrogens. In that way, the only source of estrogen was from the other female spirit-manipulated beasts.

"It sounds like it's the perfect time to inaugurate my plan right now," pondered Rocky in his mind. Since he had already made a quantum leap to reach the first grade of the Heavenly Stage, he could have a short break temporarily in his cultivation. Following his gut, he would be concentrated on the genetic research next.

During his cultivation journey last time, he had gathered dozens of samples of different spirit-manipulated beasts. However, he had not have an amplitude of time to work on these test data back then, nor to do any further research. Now that he got such a valuable break, he could throw himself into his research. For now, Rocky had to figure out the primitive sequence of the spirit-manipulated beast's genome. And after that, he could move forward to do the genetic modification.

While he was contemplating of his next arrangement in his mind, Rocky soon showed up and merely to find that Verdanim w

d, Rocky also renewed the Dragon Spirit Mark. In that way, the part of Fire spiritual power, which had merged with the original spiritual power before, was reborn. In effect, there was no desire for him to do the Spirit Possession that he could manage to use the Fire spiritual power after that.

Particularly, the Fire spiritual power and the evil power of the Holy Dragon Bead within Rocky's body were independent and complementary to each other. Either of them could be expressed individually or to apply at the same time. And of course, the power would become much more dominant in the case of these two forces integrated, which had been proved in Rough Slope.

But yet, the condition of Rocky's body was unquestionably out of the ordinary here in the Magic Spiritual Space. In all ages, there was no spirit manipulator like him, who could manage to bolster up two different spiritual powers in his body, split up without having an impact on the other one.

Thus it could be understood a bit that the power of the Holy Dragon Bead in his body was not only magic but was also spine chilling! Its force must really be a dread and trembling beyond people's imagination, which was competent to make someone transform to a dead-alive person in cold blood or be slain by the affliction of the evil power.

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