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   Chapter 366 Many Spiritual Beasts

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When Rocky came back to the beast farm of the headquarters from the tavern, he saw Sheridan was feeding Verdanim.

"Why did Commander Dunn summon you?" Sheridan asked aimlessly.

"Nothing." Rocky replied, swinging his head.

"Dunn is a sentimental man and has invariably been a straight talker. But he constantly remains credible to friends," Sheridan grinned.

"Do you perceive him very thoroughly?" Rocky inquired, peeking at Sheridan.

"I've drunk with him a few times, so we are pot companions. He also often goes to the Geisha House that we have been to. I almost let it slip. Have you ever seen Miss Laney?" Sheridan asked as his mind lingered over something suddenly with his eyebrows lifting.

"That's right. When you were under the influence of alcohol last time, I sent you to the room of Yasmin. I sauntered out of the room and appeared to catch her blowing a flute! How do you perceive that?" Rocky asked in bewilderment after he acknowledged. His mind was still a surging perplexity.

"Miss Laney caught a cold a few days ago, and I went to find out her illness. She asked me if I had a disciple and spoke profoundly of you. Boy, you undoubtedly have a lot of favorable fortune in love affairs! Miss Laney could miss you after met you only once. I am green with envy of you!" Sheridan said jokingly.

"Really?" Rocky lips quirked upwards in a heartwarming smile. He smiled calmly like deep rivers.

"If you aren't in a hurry-scurry, you can go back tomorrow. Drink with me tonight to nurture our relationship," Sheridan said in a look of exultation.

"I'd rather not. I have a lot of things to work out." Rocky shook his head. Since he had just reached the first grade of the Heavenly Stage and regained the power of the Holy Dragon Bead, he required some time to adapt to his current situation. Besides, he had taken off for somewhat a few days, so the spirit-manipulated beasts he fed must be starving.

"Well. I'll catch you available next time." Sheridan replied in his as sick as a parrot eyes. Then he altered the topic and inquired, "What about your cultivation of the Mysterious Beast Transformation Skill?"

"It is more mysterious as a rose leaf than I understood, so I still require some time," Rocky

were about to grow to a higher level. Once they reached the second grade, they could give birth to the Dark Heaven Eggs at the intermediate stage.

Besides, to Rocky's perplexity, after poring over the body of the Queen Dark Heaven Insect, he discovered that its belly was conspicuously swollen. It appeared to have been pregnant.

Abruptly, the eyes of Rocky smoothed up. He had figured out the two leading causes of the low rate of hatchability of the eggs. One reason was that the natural deformities of the mother's ovaries; the other cause was the problem of the eggs themselves. In fact, the two causes were cause and effect, so the primary cause was the ovaries that bred the eggs.

Since the Queen Dark Heaven Insect was a hermaphrodite, so the process of the ingravidation was completed in just one body. Even though it had female ovaries, its female hormones were low so that its ovaries were defective. Therefore, the eggs would be affected when they were bred in the ovaries.

Since the eggs had been affected, when they were given birth to, the proliferation of the larvae of the Dark Heaven Insects was slowed down. As a result, the larvae couldn't manage to break hull in time. With the natural defects of the eggs' structure, and the restraint of the environment, the rate of hatchability of the eggs was exceptionally low.

Thus, the key to the problem was to repair the ovaries of the Queen Dark Heaven Insect so as to improve the environment of the breed of the eggs.

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