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   Chapter 365 Unremitting Schemes

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After kidnapping Marin's Verdanim, Rocky immediately let Verdanim take him to the base camp. Kidnapping Verdanim was an impossible task for others, but for Rocky, it was just a piece of cake. What was more, Verdanim seemed remarkably thrilled to be kidnapped by Rocky.

Four hours later, Verdanim managed to get Rocky at the base camp. It promptly took him to the beast farm.

"Kid, what brought you here?" Sheridan, who was working in one beast stable, came to Rocky happily when seeing him. Happiness flowed through him, warming his skin like the rays of the early summer sun. His customary cautious grin exploded into an ecstatic smile that he had never worn before.

"Sheridan, coach me how to open the Magic Spiritual Space," Rocky said directly at the sight of Sheridan.

"The Magic Spiritual Space? Someone at the Heavenly Stage can only open the Magic Spiritual Space. Your strength now is not sufficient to open it," Sheridan responded with an odd expression, guessing Rocky's intention.

"If you don't teach me, I will go find others." Rocky put a deceptive front to leave.

"Fine. I will train you." Sheridan compromised. Rocky was his beloved apprentice, after all.

"That's marvelous," Rocky uttered, raising his eyebrow.

"The foundation of the Magic Spiritual Space is its spiritual power and space it establishes, and the size of it is determined by the spiritual power you have. The stronger the spiritual power is, the bigger space becomes. The initiative usage of the Magic Spiritual Space was for people to carry their spirit-manipulated beasts conveniently. Then many other usages were developed thereafter," Sheridan said at a sluggish pace.

"Make it brief. Tell me precisely how to open the Magic Spiritual Space." Rocky hurried Sheridan, stopping his patter.

"You need to be apprehensive of how to wield the Magic Spiritual Skill." Sheridan then imparted the Magic Spiritual Skill to Rocky.

Rocky memorized it and, in a twinkle of an eye, tried to use it. He assembled his spiritual power and reached out his left hand to discharge the spiritual power. Under

g about this thing. I only want to know why you gave up such an excellent opportunity that many people crave for," Dunn said seriously.

"I'm not interested in it," Rocky said indifferently.

"But I found out you became a captain in the logistic camp. It's so mysterious that you declined to be the Frontline Commander but became a small captain in the logistic camp. The Frontline Commander is in charge of thousands of soldiers. It's such a tremendous honor. Most men and women would respect you. Look at those Frontline Commanders in the base camp. They all assume important air in front of others," Dunn responded indignantly, suggesting to be a little drunk.

"If you don't have anything else, I will leave." Rocky stood up and was going to take off, having no interest in wasting time with Dunn.

"Rocky, I just wish to be allies with you. Aside from Sheridan, you are the only one congenial to me in the Crimson Dragon Group," Dunn said, then he continued, "I'm going to the battlefront soon. I hope I can have the golden opportunity to have a fight with you when I come back."

"We will discuss it later." Rocky cast a glimpse at Dunn and sauntered out of the tavern.

A figure appeared beside Dunn the moment Rocky left.

"Deliver the message that I already have an eye on Rocky," Dunn said, looking sober. Then that figure disappeared immediately after Dunn finished talking.

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