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   Chapter 364 Dark Force

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Commander Zhou of Timber Deity Empire didn't foresee this and grimaced when seeing the force was blocked outside by the fire. He had to wave his hand and ordered to retreat to a kilometer away. Then he got the topographic map of Rough Slope and found the northeast military army was retreating in the direction of a valley with a dead road. An evil smile developed on his face. He declared, "The fire would keep burning until tomorrow morning. At that time, I will go to capture you and let me watch how you will run away!" So he ordered his battalions to stay where they were and hold their horses for tomorrow.

After they went into the valley, the northeast military army started to cure themselves and took a breather. They were apprehensive that a vicious war was standing by for them tomorrow.

Rocky's face grew solemn when he was standing at the edge of the valley and peering at the burning forest not far away.

"Just now... Thank you..." A gentle voice was floundering by the side of Rocky.

"You are proposing to marry me so that I will take care of your life. I shall undoubtedly save you, and you deserve it," Rocky said with an evil voice. Even Rocky didn't turn around, but he was conscious that this tender voice was Marin.

Then there was a hit like a ton of bricks silence. Rocky knew Marin must be wearing a ridiculous and lively expression, although he didn't turn his head to have a look at it.

"Can we cling to life tomorrow?" Marin asked with a perturbed expression. All the things went on as Rocky planned; however, the northeast military army only had around three thousand forces. Marin felt uncertain if they could survive tomorrow.

"Who has the slenderest clue? We have worked out everything we could, and next, we just have to entrust luck," Rocky said in an easygoing manner as the surface of a lake when the loud wind was laid and turned away.

"Why are you so composed?" Marin looked at Rocky with an indecipherable look. Under this condition, one shall be hysterical with uncertainty or even in desperate. But Rocky wasn't perturbed at all and was very amiable.

The fire outside the valley was burning for a whole night. The glowing embers leapt and twirled in a fiery dance. The fire was getting smaller until the next morning.

Timber Deity Empire forces after reforming at one night were bracing to go. They planned to attack the northeast military army behind the bare woods after the fire settled do


"Jade, here you are. I have one thing for you to do." Marcia said to the belle.

"Master, tell me. What's that?" The belle arched her hands and said.

"I want you to safeguard one person. He is at Gehenna Border now, and you go and find him and keep him from harm." Marcia told her.

"This person is a man?" said the belle and she was always hardly fond of man.

"Yes, you're going to protect a man," Marcia responded.

"Master, you want me to protect a man? But why? Who is this guy?" She was a little turned up for the books, because in her mind, her master always kept a reasonable distance from a man, not mention that she requested her to protect a man. She couldn't understand why her master was so abnormal.

"I will give you his picture. It doesn't matter who he is. Your mission is to secure him. Bring this Dragon Twined Wood. You may need it when necessary." Marcia gave the Dragon Twined Wood to the belle.

"Why does it crack like this?" Jade found a crack on Dragon Twined Wood after collecting it. It was a rare spiritual treasure. It's said it would be used to suppress the evil monster, but only Marcia knew how to use it.

"You utter too much today. Go to prepare and set off straight away!" Marcia waved her hand, signaling her to leave.

Seeing this, Jade had to bow and leave.

"Basil, releasing the seal on the power of Holy Dragon Bead is just the beginning of your real ordeal. How to master Holy Dragon Bead power which has become evil depends on you. If evil power of Holy Dragon Bead dominates you, at that time I will..." Marcia looked sullen, and a cold light shone from her eyes.

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