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   Chapter 363 Let Me Solve It!

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8668

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Verdanim opened its mouth widely, holding the wood-shaped spirit-manipulated beast by its teeth and flung it relentlessly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The wood-shaped spirit-manipulated beast rolled a few times on the ground. Then, several wood vines propped up the body, and the rest immediately squirmed.

"Is that timber spirit beast? You are timber spirit manipulator!" Marin was also rudely awakened when she noticed that wood-shaped spirit-manipulated beast, and she immediately glared at Commander Zhou of the Timber Deity Empire, who she was still battling against.

This fantastic timber spirit beast was an infrequent one. Only those timber spirit manipulators from Timber Deity Empire could contain it. Admittedly, compared with some high-leveled dragon, this wood-shaped spirit-manipulated beast could not be considered as the strongest. However, it was unquestionably more dominant and ferocious than most of the spirit-manipulated beasts. Moreover, the timber spirit beasts were exceedingly efficient at controlling their opponents. Great strength owned by Verdanim, it still had trouble in getting rid of those vines. Of course, this timber spirit-manipulated beast in front of Marin was just one of the kinds. Others might be good at spraying pollen, letting their enemies drown into the illusion or simply get poisoned, and some timber spirit-manipulated beasts could incorporate other plants to become more powerful. As a result, among all the spirit-manipulated beasts, the timber spirit-manipulated beasts owned the most extraordinary power but also were the most complex ones to deal with.

"You have just identified that? It's so grief striking!" Commander Zhou smiled evilly and the next moment, a green tattoo twisted on his arm like vines. Suddenly, all the spiritual power that had just burst out was split into thousands of branches. These branches were also as flexible as vines, and they flew swiftly towards Marin, tying her arms and body.

What made the matter worse, the harder she endeavored, the tighter the bondage became.

"Even if you are a femme fatale, I will never be tender-hearted to you." Commander Zhou sneered, slowly raising one of his arms. A bundle of aggressive and vicious spiritual power hit directly towards Marin.

As all the northeast army witnessed the scene, they were all shocked desperately since it suggested that no one had either time or ability to avert this misery from taking effect. Shock leapt in the air as if a firecracker had gone off.

"Commander Marin!" Marin's Deputy Commander shrieked his lungs out, like a wounded b

in a forest not far from their camp.

Meanwhile, just a few miles away, their enemies closely chased after them running so swift that one would think their legs were going to explode. And some soldiers and spirit manipulators had already set foot into the forest.

Since nearly everyone's centre of attraction was on this running feud, Rocky, who had just hidden in the northeast army, abruptly summoned all his spiritual power. Along with the extraordinary heat, red and black flames immediately appeared on his arms, and two ferocious dragons rushed out respectively from two sides.

Those two dragons moved swiftly in the forest, and with a second, they lit all trees which had already been covered with a kind of flammable kerosene.

Then, there was a massive sound of a bang!

Those trees on the outermost part of the forest suddenly burst into flames, up to a few feet high. Thick gray smoke was billowing into the sky. A fierce fire could be seen sneaking their way out from the rows of trees. And suddenly, the army from the Timber Deity Empire was intercepted outside the forest. As for those who happened to pump their legs into the forest, they were burnt into ashes.

This raging fire also illuminated the entire sky.

When those soldiers and spirit manipulators who had already been in the forest realized what had happened, the fire had stopped their way of backing off. They all fell into a sense of trepidation. Thanks to this golden opportunity, Marin led the northeast army and massacred all her enemies.

"Let's depart from here!" At this time, Rocky showed next to Marin and propositioned her to follow him. Both of them led the northeast army into a valley where the defense had been arranged.

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