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   Chapter 362 A Surprise Strike

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"Commander Zuo was killed!" "Commander Zuo is dead!" Panic-stricken, all the soldiers and spirit manipulators of the Timber Deity Empire looked at the head of Commander Zuo that was lying on the ground. They were trembling with fear because Rocky seemed to have satanic power. It was obvious that the morale of the troops of the Timber Deity began to slump.

On the other side, the troops led by Rocky had dancing hearts as their morale rose rapidly when they found that Rocky had fulfilled the decapitation task, despite the fact that there were only less than five hundred people left.

Soon after the decapitation, a large number of troops of the Timber Deity Empire had no energy nor urge to continue fighting the battle. They discarded their shields and armors and kept running like sheep as they fled away. Only a few stubborn spirit manipulators didn't give up, and fought bravely until they were all killed by Rocky's troops.

A while later, Rocky was surrounded by hundreds of overjoyed people who were dancing and chanting joyful melodies. Their cheers were so loud that they sounded like thunder. They were also playing football with commander Zuo's head instead of a ball.

"Attention, everybody! It's not time to celebrate yet. I want you to divide yourselves into two groups, and then burn the two camps of the Timber Deity Empire in the east of the Rough Slope," Rocky ordered. Despite Rocky's joy, he could still think straight. He looked calm and serious.

The soldiers and spirit manipulators immediately left to carry out his order.

Rocky walked to the bloody head of Commander Zuo, which was already covered in dust and sand. He picked it up by its messy hair, and disappeared on the spot.

Meanwhile, the troops of the northeast military army led by Marin were attacked by two camps of troops of the Timber Deity Empire at the same time, and they were about to break down. They kept stepping backward, and their casualties were increasing, regardless of their use of the Eight Heaven Locks Array taught by Rocky. However, due to the huge gap between the forces of the two parties, the Eight Heaven Locks Array could only block the enemy for a while before they could break through it. After all, Marin was not very familiar with the array, so she could not take full advantage of it. So, it was mainly Marin's misuse of the array that made it easily broken because if the array was organized by Rocky himself, the troops of the Timber Deity Empire would not be able to break through it even with twice their forces.

By now, the northeast military army was badly besieged at a distance from the predetermined route for retreat. Therefo

zling sparkles.

The two figures instantly began fighting. Unfortunately, Marin's power was indeed inferior to Commander Zhou's to the extent that she was no longer able to defend herself.

While Verdanim was bound tight by the wood rattan and Marin was fighting against Commander Zhou, the troops of the Timber Deity Empire took the chance to attack the northeast military army. As a result, the northeast military army kept losing ground. It looked like it was a matter of time before they were doomed.

When they were no longer able to fight and defend themselves, a black figure suddenly appeared at the back of the troops of the Timber Deity Empire. Every soldier from the Timber Deity Empire who appeared by his side whined or screamed in pain. Once the figure approached Verdanim, who was bound by numerous strings of wood rattan that came from the underground, a dragon mark on his left arm showed itself. Red spiritual flames rose from the dragon mark and rushed at the wood rattan around Verdanim's body.

With a loud sound, the wood rattan was burnt by the spiritual flames. It looked badly hurt to the extent that it retracted to the ground and quickly disappeared.

As soon as Verdanim got rid of the wood rattan, it shouted to the figure in a way that showed that it was extremely happy to have seen its master. Then it stood up, stamped its right foot on the ground, and a big crack appeared on the ground. A weird spirit-manipulated beast that was as big as a tree came out of the crack. It didn't have any limb or head. There was only a ferocious eye on its trunk-shaped body that was twined by numerous strings of wood rattan, which kept wriggling and contracting. According to its power, it should be a four-star third grade spirit-manipulated beast.

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