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As promptly as Rocky put down the bottle, Commander Zuo's Rock Armour Hound was mesmerized by the fascinating smell coming from the bottle. It drooled over the bottle with uneasiness and in a sparkling of an eye dashed up.

"Cease!" Yelled Commander Zuo. He didn't just raise his voice, his muscles tensed, and he got right in close for maximum impact. As peering that his spirit-manipulated beast charged towards the bottle without his permission, Commander Zuo felt creepy and tried to stop it at once.

The Rock Armour Hound stopped as soon as it heard its master's order. It turned to glance at its master and then turned back to beam at the bottle in front of it again. Hum and haw filled its eyes.

Commander Zuo was taken by off-guard and didn't have the slenderest inkling what on earth was in the bottle that could be so easy on the eyes. Of course, in the bottle was the magical saliva, which possessed the same irresistible charm as spiritual crystals to every spirit-manipulated beast.

What's more, something exceptional was included into the magical saliva in this bottle. As long as the Rock Armour Hound ate it, it would pass out in a matter of seconds. If not, the magical saliva could still draw it away for a while. After all, no spirit-manipulated beast could be invulnerable to the magical saliva.

At this very juncture, a lightning figure charged towards Commander Zuo. The dagger in the figure's hand was glistening with radiant light and left a compelling arc in the air.

"The dagger in his hand is so tremendous. Is that a Spiritual Weapon?" The charge's powerful aura caught Commander Zuo by dismay. One's spiritual power could not be funneled into an ordinary weapon unless a Spiritual Weapon. A Spiritual Weapon was made from unique and rare material, and a spirit manipulator could strengthen their Spiritual Weapons' power through their spiritual power.

Commander Zuo squinted as a broach of greed flashed in his eyes. 'If I could wipe out this guy, then his Spiritual Weapon would be mine. Ha-ha!' he chuckled in a peal of cruel cold gesture. With that thought, he clutched his left fist and aimed it at Rocky while squealing, "Smashing Fist Strike!"

His powerful fist strike hit against the attack from Rocky's dagger with a deafening bang, and the gigantic impact instantly gave out a dazzling light.


Powerful forces from the two spiritual power attacks swept around and brought clouds of sand.


uddenly perceived something and wildly ran to Commander Zuo with a smirk.

"Wow! You require an appropriate lesson, reckless asshole!" Commander Zuo could not believe that Rocky wanted to persist fighting despite he had witnessed the giant chasm between their vitality.

An all-out brawl started instantaneously. Both of them had wielded their full vitality and showed each other no sympathy. The ground under their feet was shuddering violently like withered leaves and even began cracking because of the impacts between their spiritual power attacks.

However, Commander Zuo's strength was still way superior to Rocky's. Rocky had gotten bloody wounds all over his body, and he was even struggling to maintain his balance. Spitting out blood several times, Rocky turned pale like a ghost as he stood in the center of a pool of blood.

Yet, Commander Zuo also encountered a lot from the fight against Rocky. Summoning his spiritual martial arts attacks for so many times had consumed lots of his spiritual power. He was gasping for air as cursing Rocky, "Is he out of mind? He perceives well he is not a contest for me. But why did he still fight like hell? Should he have been deadly injured right now? Why can he stand like that?"

"That's it!" Rocky tried so hard to hold on himself and took out a big bottle, which was loaded with ten drops of the magical saliva, and drank it up in a flash. As soon as the magical saliva got into his body, his spiritual power began surging up wildly.

The first of the nine-layer seal on the power of his Holy Dragon Bead finally began collapsing under pain and his surging spiritual power.

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