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   Chapter 359 The Battle With Wide Disparity Of Strength

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 10874

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At the moment, the Commander Zuo, from the Timber Deity Empire, discovered the undeniable strength and power exhibited by Rocky. And again, he realized Rocky was a treacherous person. He had, but one thought in his mind: he must end the life of Rocky! If Rocky made a breakthrough and set foot in the Heavenly Stage finally, which meant the Crimson Dragon Group would receive a master with immense spiritual power, it would be just like adding wings to a tiger. And this was not convenient for the Timber Deity Empire. The Commander Zuo, from the Timber Deity Empire, would not make such a situation come into existence.

The Commander Zuo, from the Timber Deity Empire, suddenly slapped the back of the horse that he just rode with a rebound. And then he sprung up in the air. The horse was severely injured. It let out a loud painful scream. What a shriek that was. It caused the hair to stand straight up on the back of one's neck. It was the vulgarest. Most piercing scream one had ever heard. It sounded like a howling of wild panic and fell onto the ground. The horse perished. The slap of the Commander Zuo was relatively compelling; it must consume some strong spiritual power.

The Commander Zuo had sprung up in the air, discharged all of his spiritual power in a short moment. He had already reached the second grade of the Heavenly Stage. The strong spiritual power, with a tremendous threatening air, flew in an interlaced way.

Boom! The Commander Zuo, from the Timber Deity Empire, suddenly landed on the ground with a thud and stood in front of Rocky, in an aggressive way after the resounding noise. The impact was so intense that the dust under the Commander Zuo was almost cleared. And the ground that suggested to be pounded by a considerable sledge-hammer was kind of below the level of its surrounding area.

"Brat, are you scared stiff as a dog being attacked by a coyote of death? Do you still want to live? Want to plead for your life? But it was a melancholy. It's too late to plead for your life. You have already lost the chance, and you must be wiped out by my hand today!" The Commander Zuo, from the Timber Deity Empire, responded coldly, as he beamed proudly and grimly, the top row of teeth was showing, and there was a faint curve to the lips. It seemed to him that Rocky was nothing. He was so dismissive of his vigorous power. It was just a piece of cake for him to deal with Rocky. Because he had already reached the second grade of the Heavenly Stage, but Rocky was a spirit manipulator who had just entered the ninth grade of the Earthly Stage. There was a distinction of strength between Rocky and the Commander Zuo.

The variation of strength between each grade of the Earthly Stage was not significant. But once a spirit manipulator had reached the Heavenly Stage, there would be an immense disparity of the strength between each grade. That was because, after an ordinary spirit manipulator had reached on the Heavenly Stage, he or she would spend three to five or six years to accomplish a higher grade of the Heavenly Stage. Also, it was achievable for some outstanding talents with the help of all kinds of incalculable and powerful treasures to reach on a higher grade of the Heavenly Stage within a short

ked like a monstrous dog and was as plump as its master, the Commander Zuo. There still some residual smoke hung in the dog's body, shifting like ghosts in the breeze. The attack of the Nebula Arrow Force was resisted by the spirit-manipulated beast, not its master, the Commander Zuo.

'The Rock Armour Hound, which is recognized for its rock armour, has tremendous defensive capabilities…' Rocky promptly thought of the information about the Rock Armour Hound with a very sharp expression. He recognized that it would be a soggy business to have a dust-up and beat the two strong enemies.

That was because he showed up to the Rough Slope with the thousand soldiers in a haste and had no time to brought Uriah and Rubygon. The situation was not suitable for him at all. He would in the face of two opponents, the Commander Zuo and his spirit-manipulated beast, the Rock Armour Hound. The clamor was unequal.

However, for Rocky, the situation was not so dreadful. He still had a kick at the can to win this clamor. Because the Rock Armour Hound had excellent defensive capabilities but didn't have strong assault capabilities, Rocky didn't get into a flap about how to deal with the Rock Armour Hound. In fact, he just required to fight against the beast's master, the Commander Zuo, with all his firmness. But the Rock Armour Hound could block all of the attacks from Rocky for its master, the Commander Zuo, just like a shield with legs. In other words, all of his charges would not prejudice Commander Zuo. On the contradictory, he would conceivably be forced into a nonviolent position.

At this moment, however, no one could lend him a hand. A thousand soldiers he brought were busy battling with the belligerent forces. He could rely on no one but himself to fight against the Commander Zuo and massacre the opponent.

Rocky had taken the situation into account. He had a notion and was absolutely ready to address this dilemma. Though it might not be successful, it could be bought time for him to finish his plan. And then, he took out a small bottle from his delicate silk bag. He opened the bottle and placed it on the ground, and then stepped back.

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