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   Chapter 358 A Super Realm

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7173

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"Commander, that's him. He brought five hundred men and beguiled us to the slop. He set us up," blustered a Deputy Commander beside Commander Zuo. He was the one who had been given a bum steer into believing there were thousands of opponents and had summoned backup, but only to find out everything was a diversionary maneuver.

So when he saw Rocky again, he could barely suppress his eagerness to tear Rocky into segments.

"So he is the one who delivered the supplies to the Rough Slope?" Commander Zuo narrowed his eyes and regarded Rocky from head to toe. There was something peculiar about this individual. It was hard to explain from his appearance how powerful this individual was. But no doubt he had an aggressive aspect and demeanor of a leader.

"You, there. Identify yourself!" Commander Zuo pointed at Rocky, his voice thick with condescension.

"I'm just a nobody," Rocky smiled disparagingly.

"Gratifying to realize that you are apprehensive of that. I will grant you an opportunity. You and your men throw in the towel now; I will let you live. Otherwise, this place will be your graveyard," declared Commander Zuo, so arrogant as if he had an assured victory and the lives of Rocky and his men were in his hand.

"I was going to suggest the same to you. Since I'm here now, I'll see to it that you perish here." Rocky pointed at Commander Zuo with his Frozen Wind Dagger. His commanding presence and authoritative voice could shake the hearts of the staunchest men at the spot.

Commander Zuo's face altered. He didn't expect such a response from Rocky. Rocky's ranting making his hackles rise, he waved his hand and gave a command, "Kill them all!"

All the two thousand soldiers and several spirit manipulators from the Timber Deity Empire swarmed in.

"Don't challenge them head-on. Just hold them off. Leave the rest to me." Rocky turned to the spirit manipulators and soldiers behind him and gave his command.

"Progress!" .Rocky narrowed his eyes and moved forward with his men to engage in a fight.

Both sides of spirit manipulators and spirit-manipulated beasts were the first to get into contact wi

itual light had reached the preliminary level of the Heavenly Stage, but his spiritual power remained at the ninth grade of the Earthly Stage, very close to the Heavenly Stage. It was confusing.

Indeed, Rocky was in a very perplexing state. He had worked out for twenty days in that peripheral forest of the Myriad Beasts Ground. All his treasures were absorbed into his body during the cultivation. His spiritual power had already reached the threshold of the Heavenly Stage. But no matter how assiduously he tried, he couldn't seem to get into it.

So, Rocky was now having the strength of the preliminary level of the Heavenly Stage when he was still at the ninth grade of the Earthly Stage. It sounded merely a minor gap, but it made all the difference. The Earthly Stage and the Heavenly Stage were two absolutely different stages. Like royal spirit manipulators found it troublesome to reach the Supernal Stage, ordinary spirit manipulators felt the same way with entering the Heavenly Stage.

All spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage could be counted as masters. They were a valuable asset to any army in any country.

The primordial spirit manipulators were the core of a country's vitality. But they were like gold dust these days. So the ordinary spirit manipulators at the Heavenly Stage became the pillar of a country. They were very significant for every army and often played critical roles in missions.

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