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   Chapter 357 Crazy To Kill

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8134

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Nagged by the phony plague, the armies of the Timber Deity Empire fell into an augur of disorder. Till the next day, they became tranquil as a virgin lake since the poisoned soldiers recovered and moved freely overnight after they had been segregated.

At the moment, the two Commanders of the Timber Deity Empire suggested to have been up to the acceleration of something. However, for the sake of safety, they held their horses patiently after dark when the military doctor came and made certain there would be no more plague infection. They came to understand swiftly that this might be a subterfuge to achieve a hiatus of the Crimson Dragon Army.

As foreseen, the two Commanders of the Timber Deity Empire couldn't twiddle their thumbs anymore and concluded to institute a startling assault to the military camp of the Crimson Dragon Army at the Rough Slope late at night. They had gathered the military energy of the four military camps to form the east army and the west army, bracing to barricade the Crimson Dragon Group from the east side and the west side.

The east army was commanded by Commander Zuo, who had been plucked a quick one by Rocky's trickery, while Commander Zhou commanded the west army.

Meanwhile, the spirit manipulator sent by Rocky to supervise operations of the armies of the Timber Deity Empire passed the intelligence back to him once he noticed their motions.

The well-geared up northeast army evacuated from the military camp in an orderly way led by Marin. Thus, only Rocky and a battalion with a thousand soldiers, comprising of two squads of spirit manipulators, remained.

Before the action, Rocky asked someone to hunt back a few wild boars. Then he instructed the soldiers to go into battle stripped to the waist. In this approach, they smeared the blood of the wild boars on their faces and bodies to make themselves ferocious features.

Since the achievement or collapse of the decapitation strike was the core to the war, they had no freedom of preference but to make it.

When they were all set up, the night fell. The Rough Slope was engrossed in the darkness laden with trepidation.

In a flash, flames raging into the sky from the military camp of the Crimson Dragon Army at the Rough Slope. In a blink of an eye, they licked the trees like a hungry kitten with a saucer of milk. Soon they were all burned up within a range of hundreds of meters. The fires were large and

kill to survive.

Stirred up by Rocky's powerful momentum, the dozens of spirit manipulators with their spirit-manipulated beasts also became driven by a crazed blood-lust. In a blink of an eye, hundreds of corpses were piled high on the ground. Before long, the soldiers selected from the northeast army also joined the battle.

Then, the battle turned white-hot.

Since their momentum had gained predominance, the defense troop of the Timber Deity Empire fled pell-mell in less than an hour.

After dealing with the surviving forces, Rocky successfully broke through the line of defense at a casualty of fewer than one hundred men. Therefore, they managed to penetrate the rear of the east army of the Timber Deity Empire.

At the same time, in the east military camp, Commander Zuo, riding on a high horse, was accompanied by more than two thousand soldiers and many spirit manipulators with their spirit-manipulated beasts.

Abruptly, a dark mass of figures appeared before him. After a closer glance, Commander Zuo was astounded because he discovered the people all wore the suits of the Crimson Dragon Army. He had never had foreseen that an army of the Crimson Dragon Army would show up there.

"Originally, they don't plot to make a breakthrough. What they demand is to end my existence," Commander Zuo said with abrupt apprehension. However, he didn't get much overwrought for the army was only a thousand people.

"Humph. How can they have the impudence to appear here to invite ignominious with only such an insignificant number of soldiers?!" Commander Zuo bellowed, his plump body palpitating.

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