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   Chapter 356 The Final Madness

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When Rocky sauntered his way out of the tent, in a flutter of an eye, he vanished into thin air from the place where he stood. Four hours afterward, he went back to the military camp and called for someone to take the topographic map of the Rough Slope. Again he gathered Marin and two Deputy Commanders to draw up a skirmish plan.

"The initial step of our decapitation strike is to make the rival be of the impression that we have cut off all channels of withdrawal and been dead set to fight to the death. So we should burn our military camp first," Rocky said undauntedly.

"Burn the military camp? That's not a strategy..." Deputy Commander Chen announced as he and the other Deputy Commander looked at Rocky incredulously and thought Rocky was teasing. Without the military camp, they would have no way back.

"After we burn the military camp, the armies of the Timber Deity Empire will surely take some actions. By my reckoning, they will gunge up these important paths at the east and the west side of the Rough Slope in case that we will break through," Rocky explained, totally giving the cold shoulder to Deputy Commander Chen's question, as he pointed at the topographic map to show them the paths.

"Once the armies of the Timber Deity Empire seal these critical paths, they will waylay us from both sides so that we will be trapped in a predicament. At that time, we can start the second step of our strategy," Rocky proceeded.

"In this way, won't we be put in a tight spot?" Marin questioned.

"That's right. That's what we want. Thus, the rear of them will show its weak spot. In order to seal the paths at the east and the west side of the Rough Slope, the armies of the Timber Deity Empire had to lay out at least three thousand soldiers on each side. Besides, to inaugurate charges to us, more than tens of thousands of soldiers will be issued here. As a result, no more than four thousand soldiers will be left in the rear of the east side and the west side in total. In other words, each of the Commanders in the rear has only fewer than two thousand soldiers." Rocky nodded without giving a precise answer to Marin.

"The third step is to review one way and row another. Seemingly, we are under pincer attack, but there will be an army to carry out a rude awakening raid in the rear of the enemy to fulfill the most momentous de

lite troop from the northeast army for me, and the decapitation strike should depend on them." Rocky said to Marin.

"For you? Are you going to command the soldiers to inaugurate the decapitation strike yourself?" Marin asked in an open mouth expression.

"Or who else can do that?" Rocky demanded, wriggling his shoulders.

"No, you can't depart from here. If you bid your farewell, who can command the northeast army? Moreover, the mission is too dangerous as the foamy race of ocean surges. I should go instead. The two Commanders of the Timber Deity Empire are all beyond the Heavenly Stage. I'm scared witless you can't rival them..." Marin denied unequivocally.

"Remember, you are the Commander of the northeast army. You're right. The mission is hazardous. This is precisely the reason you shouldn't depart from here. As the Commander of the northeast army, if you die, it will be a hard as a cobble-stone to hit to the morale of the soldiers," Rocky declared, peering at Marin.

"But..." Marin still had the urge to utter something, but Rocky covered his hand on her mouth.

"What you should do now is to have confidence in me," Rocky pointed out word by word, his eyes fixed on Marin.

Marin met Rocky's eyes and acknowledged subconsciously, utterly bewildered.

"Good girl!" Rocky smiled a creepy smile. He then turned away after he touched lightly at Marin's face. His face became serious because he knew clearly that the decapitation strike had little difference from a suicide attack. Thus, he was crystal clear about the outcome if he failed.

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