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   Chapter 355 A Deranged Scheme

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 9399

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Evidently, the plan Rocky was speaking about at the moment was much bolder than the preceding one. Maybe they could successfully deceive the Timber Deity Empire once or twice, but it would not be easy as falling off a log to pull their legs for the third time.

In fact, the two Commanders of the Timber Deity Empire, who could lead twenty thousand troops of the Timber Deity Empire, would by no means be any mediocrities. The reason why Rocky had hoodwinked them for two consecutive times was only because they exhibited numerical power and underrated Rocky. Since they had never interacted with Rocky, they didn't know he was audacious to such an extent. First of all, he drew the attention of their nearly ten thousand troops with his mere three thousand troops and transported the provisions and fodders to the camp of the Crimson Dragon Army at the Rough Slope openly. Then he put on a play of fake plague so that the troops of the Timber Deity Empire dared not launch an attack right away in worries about their health.

All in all, the two Commanders of the Timber Deity Empire should not be to blame. The reason why they had been fooled by Rocky's schemes was not because they were silly but because Rocky was too foxy. He was good at scheming, but what was more important was that he was very bold. Unlike him, the two Commanders of the Timber Deity Empire were gannet like for military exploit and scared stiff of death. Otherwise, the Rough Slope should have long been seized by them.

Indeed, they had no slightest inkling the Crimson Dragon Army's reinforcement troops would show up very promptly. If the Timber Deity Empire was briefed of that, perhaps they would spare no effort in blasting and taking over the Rough Slope in no time.

In such a war, occasionally intelligence would play a significant aspect in the result. The reason why Rocky indicated an initial charge was precisely because he was apprehensive that the Timber Deity Empire would get the intelligence about the reinforcement before the Crimson Dragon Army's reinforcement troops showed up. In such a case, the Timber Deity Empire troops would immediately launch a raid with all their courage, and the northeast military army could do nothing but defend. It would be very likely that the northeast military army was overpowered, and the Rough Slope plunged into the enemy's hand before Isis dispatched troops to come to their rescue. Therefore, rather than finishing in this dreadful way, they would better launch an initial charge so that they might grasp the most convenient chance for the northeast military army.

Of course, they had to take strong menace in doing that. Once they commenced an initial raid, the northeast military army would encounter the twenty thousand troops of the Timber Deity Empire, which would be

e was an auditory hug. It wended its way through the frigid air enveloping even strangers in its tickling embrace. In a wildly arrogant manner, he strode forward and held Marin's slim waist with his arm. As he pulled her towards him, his lips covered her featured cherry lips.

Caught off balance by Rocky's sudden provocation, Marin could do nothing but receive his kiss despite her wide-open eyes in bewilderment. It was not until some moments later that she recognized what was going on. Precipitously, she shoved Rocky away and raised her hand, intending to slap him. However, her wrist was gripped tight by his big hand in the air.

"Never be hoodwinked by my false appearance. Otherwise, what I will take from you next time will not be as straightforward as a kiss. Anyway, it isn't the first time we kissed. Even if I will kiss you once again, you won't lose anything. I recommend you preserve your power to execute some more rivals rather than slapping me," Rocky said while gawking at Marin with his evil and gorgeous eyes.

By now, Marin was extraordinarily embarrassed and boiling up with anger. Her face flushed red like a red brick from cheeks to ears. She had never felt so humiliated in her life before. Rocky was a shameless and despicable bastard in her eyes at the moment. She had a strong impulse to kill him to resolve her fury. On second thought, she comprehended that the northeast military army would be wrecked if she actually murdered him. Besides, she would not be so cold-hearted as to kill him.

"You'd better try to compose yourself. When I come back, we should begin making the operation plan," Rocky said. Then he released his grip on Marin's wrist. With a cold look on his face, he left the tent.

"Why has he changed in this way?" Marin muttered, staring at Rocky's back with her glaring eyes. Bewilderment was written on her face.

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