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   Chapter 354 It Was A Plague

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Rocky came back to the stationed military camp late at night.

"Where have you been?" Marin looked petulant as she interrogated earnestly upon Rocky's appearance. She had been waiting for him in the middle of the campsite. She sounded to be daunted witless that Rocky would not come back. And the mere thought agonized her a bit.

"As I informed you before I took off, I went for a stroll." Rocky twisted his lips as he responded. And again he sought from the Deputy Commander Chen, "Are you done with what I assigned you to do?"

"Yes, everything is all set up." Deputy Commander Chen nodded his head as he took a glimpse at the hundred bodies that were laid beside them. Those bodies had been degraded beyond recognition.

Rocky approached the bodies to look at them by himself in order to ward off any mistake. He found no foibles in the result. So he proposed to the Deputy Commander Chen to lead in person of several scores of soldiers to complete the plan. They commanded the soldiers to stuff the hundred bodies on ten grain carts. They subsequently transported the bodies out of their stationed camp. They went on until they appeared to a small river which was adjacent to the two eastern camp sites of the Timber Deity Empire. They forced all the bodies into the stream.

They returned to the stationed camp under cover of the night after they had completed their tasks.

The next morning, inside the right camp of the Timber Deity Empire at the east side, two Commanders were debating about the schemes to beleaguer and apprehend the Rough Slope by one single battle since they received the order from their princess.

"Commander Zhou, Commander Zuo, we are in a tight corner!" A Deputy Commander shrieked as he hastened like a hunted deer into the camp with significant perturbation at that moment.

"What is the matter there?" Commander Zhou rapped over the knuckles.

"Many soldiers felt numb this morning when they woke up this morning. They were utterly paralyzed," the Deputy Commander reported straight away.

The two Commanders looked at each other in silence as a lamb for a few seconds before Commander Zhou asked hurriedly like lightning, "What is the diagnosis of the military doctor?"

"The military doctor thought they might have been poisoned," the Deputy Commander replied.

"Poisoning?" Commander Zuo looked grave upon the news. Again he inquired again, "What did they have for supper yesterday?"

"They presumably had the same food as the others," the Deputy Commander responded.

"Is that possible that someone poisoned the food?" Commander Zuo made suppositions.

"The military doctor recommended paying a visit to the river where we used to take the water from to have an investigation on the cause..." The Deputy Commander continued his answer.

"Then what are you still twiddling your thumbs for? Send someone to find out what is the problem in a flash," Commander Zhou ordered in a dull voice.

The Deputy Commander disengaged

d twenty thousand soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire would take action to invade the campsite in Rough Slope. If that were the case, they would have been wiped out by the twenty thousand soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire.

"But, it would not take long for them to smoke out, right?" Deputy Commander Chen worried. The Commanders of the Timber Deity Empire would not be so dumb to have been fooled by Rocky for three days.

"That can at least buy us some time till tomorrow evening. In this case, we will have two days in hand. We will triumph the battle if we can hold on one more day." Rocky squinted his eyes as he said, filled with aplomb.

"But, what if the twenty thousand soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire perceived it is out ploy to buy us more time by tomorrow? And they preferred to assail us under the cover of the night. What shall we do then?" Marin wondered.

"That is highly possible. So we have to finish all our deployment before the dark of tomorrow. We will make a move before they could make a riposte." Rocky awakened everyone by his comment.

"Make a move before they could respond?" Marin and Deputy Commander Chen marveled in a lack of credence.

"That is correct. We require to knock out the spirit of the army of the Timber Deity Empire. Let's call it a Move of Decapitation." Rocky bowed his head.

"What is a Move of Decapitation?" Marin and Deputy Commander Chen were in complete bewilderment.

"You know, there are two Commanders. Each of them commands two campsites respectively in the Timber Deity Empire. If only we could eradicate either one of the Commanders, then the soldiers of the two campsites could go to rack and ruins due to the lack of leadership. The military force of the Timber Deity Empire would be forced to reorganize. That would take at least another day. Then we can make it for these three days." There was a cold look in Rocky's eyes.

Marin and Deputy Commander Chen were left mouth-open after they heard Rocky's plan.

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