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   Chapter 353 A Good Show

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Very speedily, the news that the northeast military troops at the Rough Slope had successfully been brought in the replenishment of provisions and fodders was brought back by the more than two thousand troops that backed off to the front line.

When the Commanders in the Crimson Dragon Army learned that Rocky had successfully transported the provisions and fodders to the Rough Slope, they were all flabbergasted, because everybody thought it was a task impossible to fulfill. To their great wonder, however, Rocky had fulfilled it. It was a phenomenon in their eyes.

"He is really..." Isis sighed. She could not conceal the jubilation coming from her heart. That being the situation, the reinforcement troops from the headquarters would show up here in three days as long as they controlled the prevailing condition during the same course.

"It's excellent news that the provisions and fodders have set foot there. But I don't assume the twenty thousand troops of the Timber Deity Empire would sit still lingering for death. Perhaps they would inaugurate an ambush towards the Rough Slope." A sophisticated Elite Commander cleared the air and tabled out his concealed distress abruptly.

Finding out that, the other Commanders began mumbling to one another and exchanging points of view.

If the twenty thousand troops of the Timber Deity Empire instituted a charge from multiple directions at the same time, the northeast military troops could not control them out of the Rough Slope despite the fact it was a position pleasant to hold but complicated to assail. That was because the significant disparity in the number of troops was the indispensable component in respect to this matter.

"I am of the same opinion. So let's hold our horses and get a glimpse on how Rocky Bai can hold up for three days," Isis said. She noticed what the Elite Commander suggested made sense, but she supposed that Rocky must have figured out about that and made arrangements correspondingly. Now that she had wagered on him wholly, she could do nothing but believe he would constitute another wonder.

During nightfall, a bleak, thin wind it was, like a fine sour wine, searching the marrow and bringing no bloom to the cheek. The Rough Slope looked quiet from outside, but there was a scene of jubilation at the camp. After being starved for a few days, finally, the northeast military troops had an abundance of eating.

"All the credit goes to you, and we don't have to be starved any longer," Marin said while wending her way out of her tent together with Rocky. She smiled at the sight of the soldiers and the spirit manipulators who were eating ravenously. Her smile was one of happiness growing, much as a

o one of the corpses and put a drop of the liquid in the bottle on it. As soon as the liquid touched the corpse, the skin was corroded, followed by the bones. The corrosion stretched progressively. Very soon, the corpse turned into sloughs and stank heavily, as if it was suffering from a plague.

Marin could no longer watch such a sickening scene. She spun around in a haste. At the same time, quite a few surrounding soldiers ran away pumping their legs, gaining momentum with each push. And some of them vomited severely.

"Deputy Commander Chen, please do what I did just now to every other corpse." Rocky handed the bottle to Deputy Commander Chen and said to him after demonstrating him what to do.

In a twinkle of an eye, Deputy Commander Chen's face turned deathly pale.

"I'm going out to have a walk. I hope every corpse will be similar to this one when I return. It's of the essence," Rocky said with an impish smirk on his face, patting Deputy Commander Chen on his shoulder. After giving Marin a gaze, he spun around and left the camp.

Before long, a figure that resembled a ghost slipped into the left camp of the Timber Deity Empire in the east of the Rough Slope, without being recognized by anybody. After passing several guards, he entered a tent for soldiers. Again he took out a bottle and put a drop of the liquid in the bottle on each sleeping soldier's lips. Then he did the same in several other tents.

Of course, he didn't turn a blind eye on the right camp in the east of the Rough Slope. He applied the liquid to the soldiers sleeping in several tents.

"It's done. Let's enjoy a good show tomorrow!" the ghostly figure muttered and burst into evil laughter. His laugh was like a pile of stones being tossed around, a low rumble. Then he disappeared in the night.

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