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   Chapter 352 Three Thousand Soldiers

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"You're trying to imply..." With her face turned red as a brick, eyes squinting meanly, Marin was in high dudgeon that Rocky called her chowder headed. She was the Frontline Commander of a significant troop. How did he pluck up courage to utter such word to her?

"But how could the men of Timber Deity Empire be aware of that?" Marin looked sullen, deliberating why the men of Timber Deity Empire were cognizant that Lance was her uncle and Isis daughter of Lance was her cousin. It was strange that the secret was let out, even few people of Crimson Dragon Group were aware of such information.

"When I saw the Deputy Commander in Chief, I got to figure out about it. But I didn't notify her of it, because I was reluctant that she would alter her mind. It is not easy as a piece of cake for Deputy Commander in Chief to keep staying there till now. If I hadn't come back in time, she might have..." Rocky halted as he decided not to finish his utterances.

But Marin had understood. Then she cast her eyes on Rocky and said, "It seems that I should thank you."

"My pleasure." Rocky smiled like the cat who got the cream.

The Deputy Commander Chen beside totally got muddled about what Marin and Rocky said. He wondered who the relevant person for Deputy Commander in Chief was.

"Thus, once the power-holders of Timber Deity Empire were notified that the northeast army had obtained provisions, they would conceivably change the military strategy. They would have their army invade Rough Slope directly, instead of blockading it," Rocky added.

"The motive of Timber Deity Empire is to force Deputy Commander in Chief to send the army into battle, isn't it? So why would they make up their mind to alter the set of tactics to start the invasion?" Deputy Commander Chen asked.

"Because the army of twenty thousand soldiers of Timber Deity Empire have besieged Rough Slope for a long time. The consumption of provisions and supplies of an army is strikingly large. Now the army is going to run out of what they owned. Assuredly the power-holders of Timber Deity Empire dare not to organize for other soldiers to transport provisions and supplies under the nose of Crimson Dragon Group. So the inadequacy of provisions of the army beleaguering Rough Slope was what the power-holders of Timber Deity Empire undoubtedly perturbed about. If I were the Commander in chief of Timber Deity Empire, I would not continue besieging hard, but start to ravage the whole Rough Slope as promptly as possible, otherwise the army would become unflappable in the war when the provisions and supplies run out." Rocky shed some light about the situation at the moment.

Hearing what Rocky stated, both Marin and Deputy Commander Chen totally complied with Rocky with

at the northeast army at Rough Slope had gotten provisions.

"The northeast army have gotten provisions? What did Commander Zuo and Commander Zhou do?" Alyssa chided the two Commanders. Because of her resentment, strong air currents with the power of the Divine Stage burst out from her body, mauling the tent. In a blink of an eye, the tent was heavily ruined.

The Commanders of Timber Deity Empire present turned pale and even dared not take a breath. All of them could see that Alyssa was furious, and no one wanted to utter a word.

"How many soldiers were there for transporting the provisions?" Alyssa asked the Commanders, looking at them coldly.

"Three... Three thousand?"

"What? Only three thousand?" Alyssa was a little shocked. Her mouth opened and shut like a goldfish with no sound coming out, and she stood as gormless as a guppy. She couldn't believe that, but asked, "Who commanded the three thousand soldiers?"

"No one has the slightest clue about that!"

"They just used only three thousand soldiers to transport the provisions successfully under the nose of our army of twenty thousand soldiers. How eye-catching the Commander was! I can't fathom there is such an extraordinary man in Crimson Dragon Army," Alyssa said in surprise, the shock registered on her face could not be concealed. She was inquisitive who the Commander was.

"Give my order to Commander Zuo and Commander Zhou that they should start an invasion of Rough Slope as soon as possible." Since the northeast army at Rough Slope had gotten provisions and supplies, the Alyssa's strategy fell short. Crimson Dragon Army had wholly changed the situation right now. Even though she did not want to give up her original plan, now she had to make a new one. Alyssa required to make the invasion of Rough Slope, which might be of some aid now.

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