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   Chapter 351 Someone Predominant

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Meanwhile, something took place in the military camp at the right of the west side of the Rough Slope.

"Commander Zhou, it has become apparent that something is awry in the military camps on the east side. There is a lot of smoke..." A spirit manipulator reported to a middle-aged man with a moustache after he wended his way into the tent.

Apprehending his remarks, Commander Zhou, without further ado, was on his feet and trod out of the tent to lift his head to peer at the east side of the Rough Slope. As the spirit manipulator had said, wisps of dense silver-grey smoke curled and danced their way through the thick, hazy air as if excited to escape from the military camps.

"Appeal to the Deputy Commander Lan to take three thousand soldiers to inspect about the situation there and address to me as soon as feasible..." Commander Zhou instructed hastily as he became cognizant that things were not okay.

Marin, who was left behind in the military camp at the Rough Slope, always glimpsed over the movements of the military camps at the west side. Since they were emotion-charged around, Marin saw it the initial time and recognized that they might have spotted the unnatural situation in the military camps at the east side. Thus, it was high time that the northeast army should perform themselves.

When the military camps at the west side were about to dispatch soldiers to the military camps at the east side, Marin commanded the northeast army with thousands of soldiers shot out and charged into the left military camp, which didn't assign any soldiers to watch the situation.

As it should be, the left military camp of the Timber Deity Empire at the west side was immensely bewildered to shield themselves against the military vigor of the northeast army tantamount to that of a squadron. Besides, the soldiers of the northeast army had been starved for a few days. Thinking of the approaching army provisions, they went as wild as beasts, who were too voracious for the left military camp to resist.

In a blink of an eye, sanguinary massacre broke out; howling and shrieking rent the air.

"Commander Zhou, the Crimson Dragon Group are ambushing the left military camp..." One spirit manipulator reported to Commander Zhou in the right military camp.

"Do they contemplate taking a grip on the right set of circumstances to embark on launching a rude awakening raid?" Commander Zhou said in worried tone. But he was conscious that the military burliness of the left military camp solely wasn't efficient enough to deal with the northeast army, he then ordered, "Ask all the soldiers of the right military camp to support the left military camp. Stop the Crimson Dragon Army."

"What about the military camps at east side?" the spirit manipulator asked.

"This m

o scramble to make sense of it all. After all, what Rocky had done was an impossible task for others in normal conditions, but he made it.

Rocky could tell that Marin played a double game, and he didn't pay attention to it at all and said seriously, "Deputy Commander in Chief asked us to linger for another three days. When the reinforcements of the headquarters arrived, she will assign armies to appear to our rescue."

"Three days?" Marin responded with her eyebrows furrowed.

"But the stumbling block is that perhaps the Timber Deity Empire won't grant us time," Rocky stated instantly.

"What do you imply?" Deputy Commander Chen inquired, for he didn't fathom the current situation they got grips with.

"Because the substantial intent of the Timber Deity Empire is to starve the northeast army to death and force the Deputy Commander in Chief to dispatch troops here. Once the Deputy Commander in Chief sends armies here, the fronts will reveal pitfalls which the Timber Deity Empire could make good use of to their advantage. However, if the Deputy Commander in Chief doesn't do that, the northeast army and the Rough Slope will be apprehended by the Timber Deity Empire. However, it suggests that the Timber Deity Empire is confident that the Deputy Commander in Chief will send troops here, so they haven't instituted any attacks until you get to the situation where you can't stand. If so, the Deputy Commander in Chief will be forced to deliver armies then..." Rocky analyzed.

"But why is the Timber Deity Empire self-confident that the Deputy Commander in Chief will send soldiers here?" Marin questioned in detail.

"Commander Marin, why are you so half-witted? Aren't you aware that someone important to the Deputy Commander in Chief is in the northeast army?" Rocky smiled like the cat who got the cream, hinting about the reason.

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