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   Chapter 350 The Master Of Stratagem

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"Five hundred? You must be kidding. Does the Crimson Dragon Army envisage to utilize five hundred soldiers to brawl against my two military camps with more than ten thousand soldiers? Do they look down upon me? Are you free from ambiguity there are only five hundred soldiers?" Commander Zuo raised his voice as he stood up abruptly. His facial expression displayed outrage, with all guns blazing for being treated with hatred. Fires of fury and hatred were smoldering in the small, narrowed eyes.

"I'm sanguine. They have only five hundred soldiers." The Deputy Commander wearing a yellow robe nodded weakly.

"Despite the Crimson Dragon Army being fragile, they shouldn't consign just five hundred soldiers. I guess this is a setup. They contemplate in sounding out our military burliness." Commander Zuo analyzed while his eyes turning around, and again he sat down. After pondering over the matter, he proceeded, "Lead two thousand soldiers and a squad of spirit manipulators to apprehend the five hundred soldiers and take them back to oppression. I demand to know the exact sum of soldiers sent by the Crimson Dragon Army."

"Yes. Should I mention the mission to Commander Zhou?" the Deputy Commander in yellow inquired, saluting to Commander Zuo.

"Are you numbskull? Do you want Commander Zhou to take my credit? With the military strength of my two military camps, even if they have thousands of soldiers, I could tackle them!" Commander Zuo caterwauled, giving bloodthirsty gawk to the Deputy Commander in yellow.

The Deputy Commander in yellow, lowering his head and bowing down, abruptly turned away.

Promptly, the Deputy Commander in yellow took two thousand soldiers and a team of spirit manipulators, got out of the military camp and with overwhelming momentum, went like a bat out hell towards the five hundred soldiers led by Rocky marching towards the Rough Slope.

"Commander Rocky, rival armies showed up in front of us," the soldier that walked foremost reported when he saw a dark mass of figures charging at them and came back to Rocky.

"How many are they?" Rocky inquired.

"About two thousand."

"Just two thousand? That's not a significant number. Well, let's draw them away," Rocky said with his eyebrows lifting. Then he waved his hand and bellowed his lungs out. "Everyone, retreat! Cast away your helmets and weapons. Tell them nothing matters to us except saving our skin."

After Rocky issued the order, he led the five hundred soldiers to pull back towards the right side of the mountain ridge, purporting to run like sheep.

When the Deputy Commander in yellow showed up, merely to encounter the five hundred soldiers bac

ommander Zuo supposed that there were ambushes, so he gathered the two columns of soldiers. In this way, the grove was filled with a dense mass of soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire.

All of a sudden, the trees and leaves around them shuddering, figures scurrying around, imaginary fears bedeviled them.

"The men from the Timber Deity Empire, listen. Now you have been sieged. Put down your weapons and take off your pants, or we will shoot arrows to kill you all." At the point, a poke mullock voice became apparent.

"Commander, what measures should we undertake?" a Deputy Commander beside Commander Zuo asked.

"What else can we do? Can't you make good use of your eyes and see that we are in an ambush?" Commander Zuo shouted while making a glare at the Deputy Commander, and he bellowed, "Damn it. I never predicted that the Crimson Dragon Army would assign more than tens of thousands of soldiers to charge our two military camps on the east side. I should have instructed Commander Zhou to take up the cudgels for us."

"Make it fast. Put down your weapons and take off your pants, or this will be your fate,"

Rocky shouted. Wee! Several formidable arrows were shot into the grove, a few soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire tumbling down.

Witnessing the collapse of their comrades, the soldiers were all frightened as a duck being shot out of the sky. The morale of the army of the Timber Deity Empire began to slump. The soldiers turned ghostly pale at the figures sieging them, gradually losing their fighting spirit. Many of them started to put down their weapons and even take off their pants.

Commander Zuo, still reeling in his opinion, whose head was in a cold sweat, was reluctant to give up resistance and to be seized without putting up a fight.

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