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   Chapter 349 Only Five Hundred

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It was not until on the next day that Isis summoned the Commanders together and announced to them of that. Without hesitation, all the Commanders were hit like a ton of bricks.

"Madam, are you toying around? How could you give consent to Rocky Bai to transport provisions and fodders to the Rough Slope with only three thousand troops? It's equivalent to courting death."

"Precisely! After all, Rocky Bai doesn't have any practical experience in war. Besides, it's impossible for three thousand troops to transport provisions and fodders to the Rough Slope under the nose of twenty thousand enemies."

"Madam, please instruct Rocky Bai to come back with the troops as promptly as he can."

All the Commanders believed Isis was too ill-conceived to make such an abrupt resolution.

"As long as Rocky can muddle through to send the provisions and fodders into the Rough Slope, we'll be likely to unscramble the entire dilemma. Our reinforcement troops will come in three days. By then, the Timber Deity Empire will have no choice but to withdraw their troops, because their supply of provisions and fodders will be running out," Isis said, unrelenting. She had an austere look.

Hearing her evaluation, the Commanders glanced at one another in silence. They admitted Isis' interpretation made sense, but they didn't acknowledge the precondition of her reasoning. None of them admitted Rocky could send the provisions and fodders into the Rough Slope. In their eyes, it was just an unattainable task.

At the same time, Marin received the word from the main camp in the front line. That instant, the news also took her and others by tremendous awe.

"Madam, do you imply that Rocky wants to transport provisions and fodders to this place by the strength of only three thousand troops?" Deputy Commander Chen inquired in a dumbfounded voice.

Marin simply nodded, tongue-tied as she remained mute.

"He's too hare-brained! Does he view it as a nickel and dime matter? It's just like herding cats!" Deputy Commander Chen sighed, swinging his head frequently.

"Of course it's far-fetched for anybody else to do that, but as for Rocky..." Marin paused. Presumptions were evident in her beautiful eyes. Her eyes were utterly spellbinding.

One day thereafter, Rocky, in unison with three thousand troops and horses, two squads of spirit manipulators, as well as provisions and fodders, reached at the foot of the hill with a distance of two and a half kilometers from the Rough Slope. They stopped and encamped on the spot. One and a half kilometers in front of them, the Timber Deity Empire's twenty thousand troops blockaded the Rough Slope tight. Like a metal bucket, they intercepted every passage to the Rough Slope. It was so

the grove near the wind zone.

Rocky himself headed the last group of troops. After ordering five hundred troops to safeguard the provisions and fodders, he instructed the rest five hundred troops to march towards the optimal route between the two camps of the enemy openly. Very soon, they cropped up within sight of the two camps in the east of the Rough Slope, and the enemy spotted their sight.

Simultaneously, in a tent at the left camp of the Timber Deity Empire in the east of the Rough Slope, the Commander was well briefed of the information.

"Commander Zuo, something transpired," a Deputy Commander in yellow reported as promptly as he strode into the tent.

"What transpired?" Commander Zuo scrutinized while leaning against a grand chair covered by tiger skin and picking his ear in a laid back manner.

"The sentry established that a group of Crimson Dragon Army troops were advancing towards the Rough Slope," the Deputy Commander in yellow answered.

"Wow! Finally, the Crimson Dragon Army dispatches troops here when they could not bear hanging on. It implies that Princess Alyssa's strategy is going to come to fulfilment," Commander Zuo sighed, peeking his tiny eyes. Then in a scornful voice, he inquired, "How many people has the Crimson Dragon Army shipped here? I presume at least ten thousand. Otherwise, if there are less than ten thousand troops here, I can beat them with as much ease as whirlwinds move feathers."

"About five..." the Deputy Commander in yellow began humming and hawing while speaking as soon as he heard what Commander Zuo said.

"Five thousand? I can beat them all with only one hand." Commander Zuo remarked in a haughty voice.

"Sir, actually there are about five hundred people..." The Deputy Commander in yellow clamped himself to answer in the conclusion.

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