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   Chapter 348 Army Forces

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"Is it? Why does the Deputy Commander in Chief want to set her eyes on me that badly?" Rocky inquired with a baffled face. Although he had no slightest idea about what Isis wanted to do, he could tell that it must be something perturbing.

"It may interest the emergency that the Timber Deity Empire has thronged round the Rough Slope." Louis didn't find out from Isis why she desired to see Rocky, but he fathomed that it was presumably about the Rough Slope.

"How's that developing?" Rocky sought out of turmoil. His mind was yet a surging perplexity.

"Half a month ago, we lost the Rough Slope. Commander Marin guided the northeast army to take it from the Timber Deity Empire. However, two days later, the Timber Deity Empire came back and hounded the Rough Slope with twenty thousand soldiers. Commander Marin and the northeast army are still under their encirclement till now. I was made aware yesterday that the northeast army had no more food already. I presume they could not bear any longer." Louis responded to Rocky.

"Then why doesn't the Deputy Commander in Chief send them any reinforcements?" Rocky inquired.

"I am clueless about that. You can go ask the Deputy Commander in Chief later." Louis nodded his head and added, "You'd better go to the front-line headquarters first. I'll prepare a horse with immediate effect." He then departed from the tent instantly and assigned a soldier to lead a horse out of the stable.

Rocky rode on the horse and reached the front-line headquarters before nightfall.

As Isis received the information about Rocky's appearance, she directed her subordinate to take him into her tent and released the others. However, as she watched Rocky stride into her tent, she was raging with outrage. She displayed a glum expression while peering at him. As shortly as Rocky strutted in front of her, she yelped at him, "It's so hard to locate you, huh?"

Rocky peered the vivid frenzy on her face, but he yet maintained his serenity. With a mild smirk, he sat down on a chair beside and again swung to gaze at Isis and asked, "Don't consume your precious time going wild at me. Why don't you deliver reinforcements to the Rough Slope?"

"Well, you have gotten wind of that already." Isis shook her head and then proceeded, "It's not that I don't want to. It's I can't! It is a setup arrayed by the Timber Deity Empire. That's why they now enclosed t

't cross the line. But if you fail, I would allocate you to the worst area to serve in the army!" Isis threatened. After all, she was not a person to be trifled with.

Rocky shrugged his lips upwards in a joyous smile, he then asked, "How many soldiers I can have?"

"I can organize three thousand soldiers at most for you. If you succeed in delivering Marin the food, she and her army could hold on for three days. By then, our reinforcements from the headquarters would have arrived and we would be able to fight straight against our enemy," Isis answered after pondering for a while.

"Only three thousand? Are you serious?" Rocky responded with his wide eyes. The Timber Deity Empire had twenty thousand soldiers in the Rough Slope, after all. How could he lead a three-thousand army force to issue Marin food?

"That's the most soldiers I can provide for you," Isis responded weakly.

"Okay. Three thousand is fine by me. Deliver a word to Commander Marin ahead. I require her to work with me then." Rocky nodded after some reluctance.

"You are our only hope now!" Isis declared as she was a little affected by Rocky. She knew thoroughly it still had some compromises to put all the confidence on him, but she had no choice right now.

Rocky cast a glimpse at Isis before stepping out of her tent straightly.

Isis soon allotted three thousand soldiers to Rocky over a night, and also two squads of spirit manipulators, whose average power was at the Earthly Stage. After the food provision for the northeast army was prepared, Rocky headed his team to the Rough Slope instantly.

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