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   Chapter 346 In A Predicament

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 9472

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"What about the Rough Slope?"

"According to the up to date news, a range of a thousand meters around the Rough Slope has been beleaguered by the armies of the Timber Deity Empire. However, what is so uncanny is that they haven't commenced any ambush to the Rough Slope."

"What on earth is the purpose of the Timber Deity Empire?"

"If they carry on doing that, even if they don't charge the Rough Slope, the northeast army led by Commander Marin will be too weak as a lamb that can't stand the weight of its wool to hold a fight in the sparseness of army provisions and goods. "

The Commanders were all laden with an epidemic of anxiety. Their thoughts scattered like there was an electrical storm in their head, too many short-circuits to make any sense. Compared with losing the Rough Slope, the loss of the northeast army would be a fatal blow to the Crimson Dragon Army, which was now a lack of troops. The contending armies at the Rough Slope had been absolutely exterminated before, which garnered the plight of the military strength to be nitpicking. Though the headquarters had acquiesced to send reinforcements, since the Crimson Dragon Group was culpable for safeguarding the territory of the Holy Dragon Empire at the Gehenna Border as well as the towns and the cities at the border, the reinforcement which had to be dispatched from the armies stationed at the towns and the cities at the border and carried out preparation in order before they could set out should spent at least half a month in turning up at the Rough Slope. Besides, the quality of the soldiers was another dilemma, so the reinforcements could not be released for a moment.

At present, due to the extreme incursions of the Timber Deity Empire, all the fronts were short of military strength. Once soldiers were dispatched from those fronts, jeopardy would be declared. After all, thousands of soldiers were far from adequate since the Timber Deity Empire sieged the Rough Slope with twenty thousand soldiers. Thus, at least twenty thousand soldiers should be dismissed to come to the rescue of the northeast army. If not, any small number of soldiers were worthless. However, based on the prevailing condition of the Crimson Dragon Army, it wasn't competent to fix the obstacle.

A modest shift in the Crimson Dragon Army may alter the condition as a whole. This was a hard nut to crack of Isis.

"Deputy Commander in Chief, I figure out we should convey the major force in the front line to come to bail out the Rough Slope."

"That's true. The Timber Deity Empire has bitten more than it can chew. We must confer them a lesson..."

"The Timber Deity Empire has twenty thousand soldiers. If we likewise move soldiers of the same number to integrate with the northeast army at the Rough Slope, we will unquestionably attack them on the ho

h of relief like a bouncing ball. Fortunately, like one born on a lucky star, the transportation of army provisions and goods was running smooth, or it would pile up calamities on the Crimson Dragon Army, which had already been enslaved.

'Fortunately Rocky has depicted the new transportation route map and the new transportation method, or I will utterly be worn to a frazzle from disquietude. What is he doing now? If he was here, what kind of solution would he pop up?' Isis figured out, a light glimmering in her eyes. Again she summoned the Commander to retreat.

In the next few days, Isis contemplated for the solution, but she got no clues. Her mind was starting to fail, like an engine that turned over and over, never kicking into action. As they had in prospect, the twenty thousand soldiers of the Timber Deity Empire hadn't invaded the Rough Slope. However, she got more worried. It was like someone had poured gasoline onto the spark of fear in her belly. Even though the Timber Deity Empire didn't make any move, they could get the Rough Slope effortlessly when the army provisions of the northeast army ran out.

In this case, Isis could be confident that the Timber Deity Empire just made use of the Rough Slope as a bait to induce her to send armies to come to the rescue of the northeast army there. They had hit her soft spot, so she distressed herself about whether she should send troops or not.

'The Commander in Chief of the Timber Deity Empire is so sharp that I have been torn between two...' Isis thought with brisk eyes, clamping her fists.

"Come in!" Isis howled abruptly.

Promptly, a guard came in the tent.

"Convey a message to the logistic camp that I want to lay my eyes on Rocky," Isis ordered.

The guard nodded and turned away.

"Though I am unwilling to turn to him, he is infallible most of the time..." Isis mumbled to herself.

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