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   Chapter 345 Can't Imagine

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8182

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Rocky tried his level best to hold for a while and felt weariness was overpowering him. It was extremely hard for him to persist because he was losing too much blood. He started to shudder lightly. But he admitted defeat on protecting Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf. On another hand, a few Bloody-eyed Wolves were assailing him viciously. So even the manipulators above the Supernal Stage couldn't combat this, not mention Rocky who was below the Heavenly Stage.

After Bloody-eyed Wolves launched several charges, Rocky supported himself and took a few drops of magical saliva. He needed to fight. Instantaneously, a charming figure like a butterfly dropped from the sky. Six pairs of thin translucent wings flickered and glimmered. The bewildering and active trace covered the environs.

Rocky stared at the elegant figure with eyes wide open. His heavy eyelids took a fraction too slow to blink, his irises too immobile. It was as if his brain was experiencing a tremendous short circuit and was grappling to figure out. The butterfly wobbled, and three Bloody-eyed Wolves deluged into the blood. They fell one by one, shuddered, and perished on the ground.

Other Bloody-eyed Wolves howled with horror and ran away one by one so fast that one would think their legs were going to explode.

Rocky was struck dumb when the butterfly figure turned around. The butterfly figure was a woman, pretty and young, with long reddish-brown hairs as if it was tailored from gold fabric like an elf. She was so glistened. She was full of a kind of irresistible temptation and could touch anyone. She was blinking her eyes from time to time, allowing her eyelashes to flutter like the wings of a butterfly.

Glancing a woman body with the thin wings fluttering behind her, Rocky's mouth was frozen wide open with an expression of stunned surprise. It was like drawing blood from a turnip for human beings to have wings on their backs.

This woman held human personal component, consisting of plump body hidden by flower skirt.

"Thank a bunch." Rocky nodded with admiration and was about to pop a question, but she hovered away.

"Brushed me off? But who she is..." Rocky was chilled for a second and had no slightest notion of who she was at all.

There was no means that Rocky could be conscious of the fact that this wonder girl was from the spiritual race. The woman from the spiritual race had the grits to go through the Myriad Beasts Ground solely, w

ceived this dreadful news and convoked three Elite Commanders and all of the Frontline Commanders to endure the new situation.

"Deputy Commander in Chief, their conduct is grotesque and awkward. They didn't take up cudgels for the Rough Slope after we restored the Rough Slope. But later, they deferred armies to beleaguer us there. What are they organizing? Do they have any intrigue?" one of the three Elite Commanders asked inexplicably. All three Elite Commanders were battle-hardened, but even they didn't understand the enemy's ploy.

Other Commanders bowed and commenced discussing and mumbling. They were also unfathomed by the enemy's movement.

Isis furrowed her brows, and she also felt something was awry when she received the news that Marin seized back Rough Slope. It was a walk in the park to recapture Rough Slope, and she couldn't help pondering that their enemy had any other arrangements. Timber Deity Empire wouldn't waste their time and forces in seizing the land. Twenty thousand forces besieged Rough Slope from Timber Deity Empire before she could figure out their plot. Their movement was unduly fast, and Isis even didn't have time to ponder about the whole thing.

Isis was apprehensive that Timber Deity Empire had organized this a long time ago. But she was nevertheless ambivalent what their motive was when they besieged Rough Slope after giving up defending it.

Timber Deity Empire's action was too hasty, and it struck Crimson Dragon Army an unprepared. Now the two forces were confronting each other, and Crimson Dragon Group could spare no forces to rescue Rough Slope from the siege.

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