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   Chapter 344 Full Of Peril

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Instantly, Rocky discerned the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf trailed after him as tempest chased flame for its child. Once he gave the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf back to it, he would be fine. However, when he was about to throw the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf back to its mother, the four-star Four-wing Lame Dragon at the fourth grade, which had been shot down before in a blink flew from a boulder on the other side and blocked Rocky's way. It shuddered its sturdy body vehemently, then dozens of silver threads shot together towards Rocky.

His heart startled when he saw the dozens of menacing silver threads. Instantaneously, he got a weird sense from them. If he weren't able to evade them like the plague, he would be doomed. For that reason, he waved the Frozen Wind Dagger in his hand quickly to burst out several rays of the spiritual light. Meanwhile, he spared no effort to dodge the silver threads.


A fulminate noise burst out when the spiritual light shattered with the silver threads. While there were still a few silver threads continuously running towards Rocky, in a blink of an eye, they were swift enough to arrive before him.

At that point, fretted about the security of its child, the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf suddenly shot an Ice Beam Ball, which accurately exploded before Rocky and flung the silver threads away. Again, Rocky, without precaution, was shredded off as well. Unfortunately, he fell heavily on the ground.

"Damn it!" Rocky howled like a distressed infant for one affectionate look, one gentle, loving word for his pain. Thanks to the protection of the spiritual power at the ninth grade of the Earthly Stage, he suffered no more than a fall.

However, before Rocky could get up, the four-star Four-wing Lame Dragon at the third grade snapped the slightest chance available and flew over to him, where other dozens of silver thread were released.

After having a hunch that things were getting pretty hot, Rocky hurried like a torrent through a strait to roll on the ground.


Several silver threads missed him and fell on the ground behind him, inserting into the ground as deep as three inches.

Instantly within a blink of an eye, the Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf hopped up in a trice as the cold air around its body surged. In a second, the rest of the silver threads were frozen so that Rocky was saved.

However, before Rocky could sigh relief, the Four-wing Lame Dragon pounced on him like a kite on a chick once again. Its mouth with pliers intended to bite the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf in his arms.

"When can it halt..." Rocky sighed in powerlessness and flurried as a fish landed on a grassy bank with a

him, for they were just on his heels like ghosts.

Due to his desperate escape all the way, his spiritual power had significantly been gobbled up. Consequently, he had to move tortoise-like. The Bloody-eyed Wolves grabbed the opportunity to get closer and closer to Rocky. One of them even intended to launch a surprise attack to Rocky as it hopped towards him like a bird for a berry, displaying its teeth and brandishing its paws.

Having detected the rat, Rocky, shielding the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf in his arms, backhand took out the Frozen Wind Dagger to burst out a ray of spiritual light, which precisely forced the Bloody-eyed Wolf back. However, realizing that, the other Bloody-eyed Wolves kept dashing towards him.

Rocky being a man with two legs, couldn't surpass the Bloody-eyed Wolves with four legs. Besides, his challengers were actually a few.

In a flicker of an eye, Rocky had been sorely battered, his body dripping with blood. Yet in a tight corner, he went on fighting while retreating in the direction of the aura of Uriah and trying to get away at their defects.

However, the Bloody-eyed Wolves suggested to be conscious of the route that Rocky proposed to take, so they cut it off entirely and sieged Rocky.

Faced with the Blood-eyed Wolves around him, Rocky, utterly destitute, realized he had to carry out the worst plan. However, when he looked at the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf in his arms in wintry eyes, he was determined that he wouldn't perish here and he would take the little Ghostly Ice Fox-wolf to depart here. He was definite that he must have confidence in himself, or he would perish in no time.

In the next moment, the Bloody-eyed Wolves flew out in the common cause against him, so Rocky fell in peril once again.

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